IHD Urges For Humanitarian Aid to Rojava

BIANET 14.10.2013 – Human Right Association (IHD) released a report on the situation of Turkey’s border with Syria, urging the authorities to provide legal status and healthcare for refugees. A delegation including İHD Chairperson Öztürk Türkdoğan, International Human Rights Federation Vice Chairperson Yusuf Alataş held a field trips to Nusaybin/Nîsêbin, Ceylanpınar/Serkaniye, Şenyurt/Derbesiye, Akçakale and Kilis/ Öncüpınar border gates from October 5 to 7, 2013.  

Negative approach to PYD gates

The report stated that even though the Turkish authorities had a positive approach at the border gates under the control of Free Syria Army, the approach to border gates under the control of PYD was rather negative – an approach that must be read with a political move.  Mentioning of various issues refugees are facing in Turkey, the report said that Kurdish and Arab Alewites had no camps of their own.  It also came up with a series of recommendations including establishment of a ceasefire in Syria, organization of an international conference in Geneva, forming of a transition government for the democratic transformation of Syria, improving relations with the regional government of  Rojava in order to contribute to the peace process in Turkey. 

Transition checkpoints in Rojava line

Some of the highlights from the report as follows: 

* A “zero point” policy must be established between Türkiye-Rojava border at Şenyurt and Ceylanpınar gates which must be open for trade and humanitarian aid.  

* Nusaybin custom border must be kept open by Syrian authorities and trade must be encouraged. 

* Immediate humanitarian aid to Afrin, a town besieged by Al Qaeda linked groups.

* Immediate removal of border in the Nusaybin side of Turkey-Rojava border. 

Basic material to Rojava

* Turkey must send basic material to Rojava in order to produce bread every day. 

* Humanitarian aid to Rojava provided by international organizations must be transferred to its recipients. 

Prosecution to Al Qaeda supporters

* Investigations must be launched to find out regarding the allegations of torture and ill-treatment towards refugees at border  headquarters. Turkish government must inspect its military units. 

* Prosecutions must be launched against those who join Al Qaeda from Turkey to combat in Syria. 

Refugees must benefit temporary protection status

* An “open door” policy must be established towards all refugees from Syria regardless of background. No more deportations must be made. Nobody must be forced for “willing returns”. 

*  Syrian refugees must benefit temporary protection status.

No discrimination in healthcare

* Official regulations on the  providing of healthcare towards Syrian refugees must be practices without any discrimination and inspected regularly. 

* The Turkish government’s regulations on Syrians and refugee camps must be reachable and transparent. 

* Required permissions must be granted for human rights organizations to monitor the situation in refugee camps. (NV/BM)

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