HOME VISITING : Erdogan’s special order for Diyarbakir

8-1-2014 – MESOP – Turkey Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has ordered special psychologists and caregivers to visit all houses in Kurdish city of Diyarbakir and talk to people.

The decision shows Erdogan is determined to win the municipality of the city in the upcoming elections three months later. Erdogan has ordered family and social policies ministers to establish special teams to visit all houses in the city and talk to people and help solving their problems. “He has ordered that all problems should be studied and solved and no one should be left unvisited,” Diyarbakir province Social Policies and Family Office President Hadayat Bozkort said.

We are due to have social service centers in all Diyarbakir neighborhoods and find out all people’s problems and solve them, he added. Pro- Kurdish peace and Democracy Party (BDP) co- Leader Gultan Kisanak is the party’s candidate that will run in the elections in Diyarbakir. Ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) Diyarbakir Deputy Galip Ansarioglu will race Kisanak to win the post. Many analysts believe Kisanak will sweep votes due to BDP popularity in the city but others believe Kisanak’s inability to speak in Kurdish is her Achill’s heal and that’s Ansarioglu that would win.