Halabja Day 2015

Today in Halabja in Iraqi Kurdistan local activists from the city held up signs to remember the chemical attaks in the Ghoutas in Syria in 2013. They also distributed flyers declaring their solidarity with the victims in Syria:From here, we send our greetings and gratitude to our companions in Ghouta and other places in Syria

“We would like to tell you that the same sorrow and fate is tying us. From the re-constructed province of Halabja, we relay to you the news that a better future is possible. Resistance is important for freedom. Should the black days of suffering be short.”
The International Community said “Never again” after Halabja was gassed. Then they said “Never again” after Ghouta was gassed. We should not wait what they are going to say next time a dictator is using chemical weapons against his own people.
Never again should mean Never again!

Breathless Foto.
Breathless Foto.