National Coalition of Syrian Revolution & Opposition Forces

Regime aircrafts take advantage of love for studying and kill 14 martyrs in their place of study, Coalition: Al Raqqa massacre is a clear violation of the Geneva

30.9.2013 -In a new violation of the Geneva Convention Bashar Al Assad’s regime launched air raids which dropped explosive barrels on  Ibn Tufayl Commercial School located on the coastal road of the Euphrates River in liberated Al Raqqa, resulting in the deaths of more than 14 people and wounding dozens of others, most of them students. In response, the Coalition requested of the international community in a statement today the need to “intensify international efforts to prevent the regime from using any type of conventional or unconventional weapons traditionally used against the Syrian people;” the Coalition added that “the regime launched this attack in conjunction with the gathering of students in the schoolyard during the first days of school, turning the students’ longing for the start of a new school year to pieces spread all over the place.” This comes in conjunction with an assault by ISIS on the Church of Our Lady Bshara last week in Al Raqqa. Analysts consider “that the operations witnessed in Al Raqqa this week, with their sudden  appearance, prove the existence of a closely coordinated b relationship between the regime and ISIS.” This was confirmed by the President of the Syrian National Coalition in a speech to the Friends of the Syrian People at the United Nations, saying “the phenomenon of extremism is far from the character of the Syrian people.”  ( Source : Alliance )