23-10-2012 – Behind these cold walls we have nothing to sacrifice but our bodies, and we will not refrain from doing this for the freedom of our people and a peaceful solution to the Kurdish issue. Our morale is soaring, we are strong and cannot be defeated by the enemies of democracy and an honourable life.’ ….What we want today is the freedom of our leader and an end to the denial and annihilation policies against our nation.

As you will know, we are not permitted to defend ourselves in the Kurdish language in court. Thousands of Kurds are forbidden to defend themselves in their own mother tongue. With this action we demand that everyone be allowed to defend themselves in their mother tongue. Until Kurds have this right we are going to continue with our struggle. Until we have all our rights we are going to continue our action. Our demands are legitimate, this is why in the event of any deaths, it is the AKP government that will be held responsible!

Contents 1. KNK Press Release 2. Press Release of Prisoners 3. Emergency Call by the BDP 4. Letters from Hunger Strikers 5. Name and Prison List of Hunger Strikers KNK

PRESS RELEASE As it is known on 12th September 2012, led by nine Kurdish women prisoners in Diyarbakir E type prison an indefinite and non-alternate hunger strike started. This strike has increased to almost all prisons in Turkey. Right now, there are 63 Kurdish prisoners who have been on hunger fast for 42 days. The strike has included 380 political prisoners of the PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party) and PAJK (Kurdistan Women’s Liberation Party) in 39 prisons since 15 October. 12th September, a black day in Turkey’s political history, is the date that the military coup d”etat took place in 1980. Turkey’s opposition forces have had to suffer cruelly at the hands of the state. The 1980 military coup detained over a million people, imprisoned and tortured tens of thousands, carried out capital punishment on hundreds and enshrouded the whole of the country in darkness. The leading victims of these inhumane practices were the Kurdish and leftists demanding freedom, democracy and liberty just like in the current day. The aim of the military coup was to silence the opposition and create a monolithic society in Turkey and Kurdistan using any means necessary; and the state was almost successful if it hadn’t been for the resistance of the Kurdish and Turkish cadres of the modern Kurdish Freedom Movement which in those days had recently been founded. It is an irony that these cadres were also imprisoned in Diyarbakir prison when on 14th July 1982 they began what is now termed as the ‘Great Death Fast Resistance’ in protest against the prevention of the right to defence, torture and inhumane prison conditions.

The leaders of that ‘death fast’; Kemal Pir, M. Hayri Durmus, Ali Cicek and Akif Yilmaz all lost their lives. But this single event stoked the fire that had been lit by the likes of Mazlum Dogan. Necmi Oner, Ferhat Kurtay, Esref Anyik and Mahmut Zengin who had immolated themselves, and burnt to smithereens the shroud that had been pulled over the people, raising the Kurdish resistance against the Turkish state. Today’s conditions are very similar to those of the 12 September 1980 coup times. The AKP regime, like its military counterpart, has detained tens of thousands of Kurdish politicians, journalists, health workers, lawyers, human rights activists and children, imprisoning almost ten thousand since 2009, when the witch-hunt known as the KCK (The Union of Communities in Kurdistan) trials began. It is not insignificant that almost all these people are members of the legal Peace & Democracy Party (BDP), the AKP’s most fierce and only opposition in the Kurdish areas of Turkey. And that not a single fire-arm, weapon or anything pertaining to terrorist activity was found or discovered about these people who have been in prison for almost four years without sentencing is further proof that the AKP is behind the ‘hostage’ situation. With only small changes in the constitution the AKP could bring an end to the unnecessary suffering of these people and their families. However, while this grave injustice hangs over the nation like a dark cloud Turkey’s Prime Minister has made ‘one language, one state, one nation’ his favourite slogan, saying that there is no longer a Kurdish issue in Turkey. The AKP-dominated Turkish media has followed suit and is not even reporting the clashes between the PKK and Turkish army anymore. Furthermore and to the utter horror of Kurds and democratic circles there is yet to be even a single news item about the ‘death fast’ on mainstream Turkish TV. There is a total black-out regarding all matters Kurdish. The hunger strikers have three demands to be realized for ending their action. Firstly, the demands of the strikers are, first of all, to arrange conditions of health-security and freedom for Mr Abdullah Ocalan, Leader of Kurdish People held in total isolation for 13 years, and who has not meet with his lawyers since 27 July 2011.

For Mr Abdullah Ocalan is the only person who can carry out an enduring peace to the Kurdish conflict, the AKP Goverment must end the illegitimate isolation against him and start renegotiations and a peace talks process with Mr Ocalan as soon as possible. Secondly, the prisoners demand to recognition of Kurdish as a language in use in education and the public sphere. Thirdly and in conjuction with the second demand, they have underlined that they will speak Kurdish in courts and the judges must accept their defence in Kurdish. İn summary, the demands are to open the way to having the right to use their Kurdish mother tongue in the public sphere, including courts and the removal of obstacles preventing imprisoned Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan from negotiating in peace talks with the Turkish state. These three demands are all about preparing a base upon which a peaceful period can be built. Without realisation of these conditions, the deadlock of politics in Turkey can not be opened and the conflictual process can intensify and deepen into an unsustainable mode by Turkish state. We call on democratic institutions and international public audience to heed these demands of the prisoners and criticize Turkish goverment and exert pressure on the AKP regime to make a start to the way of peaceful process by accepting these demands. It is the death limit and urgency degree. We have grave concerns that news of deaths may at any time appear. PKK and PAJK PRESS RELEASE AND CALL ‘From 15th October onwards all PKK and PAJK inmates inTurkey and Kurdistan’s prisons will join in the indefinite hunger strike. Rather than respond to the demands of people on hunger strike, the AKP government has attacked prisoners with solitary confinement, disciplinary action and physical torture. There are prisoners who have internal bleeding and are being forced to treatment. If the AKP think they can deter us, they are mistaken, we will not give up our freedom. If there is a price to pay we will pay it, if there is torture we will persist, if there is suppression we will resist, if there is solitary confinement then so be it! At a time time when our leader Abdullah Ocalan is in intensified solitary confinement and his life is under threat; when our people are attacked and tortured physically, politically and culturally by the racist regime’s military and police, all we have to protect them with are our naked bodies. We will not hear the voices of anybody except our leader and movement. We will not heed any calls for us to end the hunger strikes until our demands are met, the ban on Kurdish is lifted and the path to the freedom of our leader opened. We are appealing to our people and all revolutionary and democratic public opinion to join in an indefinite act of solidarity and continued period of action to realise the freedom and democratic unity of our people. We are also calling on all sensitive political parties, MPs in parliament, non-governmental and human rights organisations: hear our cries. The people of Kurdistan are under the threat of genocide, our comrades in prison are on the threshold of death, our leader is under savage torture and Kurdistan has been turned into a Vietnam.’


The AKP Government’s ongoing pressures such as the arrest operations against Kurds and democrats have created a deep political trauma. It is clear that, these operations amount to a political massacre. Kurdish politicians including MPs, mayors and members of city councils, journalists, trade unionists and many other activists from NGOs, have been imprisoned. So, the majority of them are on hunger strike since 12 September 2012. The hunger strike started in 7 prisons with 63 people. 50 of them are men and 13 of them are women. So, the number of strikers is rapidly rising. More than 600 detainees and prisoners have decided to take part in the indefinite and irreversible hunger strikes. Strikers started to the action to achieve the following demands; 1- Education in mother tongue, defence in trials, 2- Respect for the Kurdish people’s democratic rights, 3- Freedom for the leader of the Kurdish People, Mr. Abdullah Öcalan. As from 14 October totally 324 detainees and prisoners are on the hunger strike without B1 vitamin. 283 of them are men and 41 of them are women. It is an urgent issue because the strikers’ health situation is rapidly worsening. The AKP government did not make any statement about hunger strike for 37 days. Despite this insensitivity the prisoners have declared that, as from Monday 15th October, all prisoners have started to the indefinite and irreversible hunger strike. We expect awareness and solidarity from international public opinion about this urgent matter. For more information please contact us: diplo.bdp@hotmail.com 4. LETTERS FROM

THE HUNGER STRIKERS “We Will Not End This Hunger Strike Until Our Leader if Free!”

Message from the Hunger Strikers Edirne F Type Prison Barış Mete, born in 1975 in Malatya: ‘I’ve been in prison for 7 years. I have a year and a half of sentence left. As you know the isolation of our leader, Abdullah Öcalan, is intensifying day by day. The fascist, Turkish state is preventing our leader from meeting with his family and lawyers. This approach is proof that the state does not want the freedom of the Kurdish people. The Kurdish people have emphasised on all occasions and platforms that Abdullah Öcalan is their political will. The state has refused to acknowledge this. They insist on continuing the policy of denial and annihilation against the Kurdish people. This is why the 15 month intensified isolation of our leader is unacceptable.

The Kurdish people have said ‘Öcalan’s existence is our existence, his freedom our freedom.’ This is why we cannot claim that the will of the Kurdish people has been exercised until our leader is freed. The state is trying to determine the will of the people, and not accepting their true will. Our leader is a bridge of fraternity between our people (Turks and Kurds). The intensified isolation of our leader means the intensification of war. With this action (the hunger strike) we are trying to highlight the conditions of our leader. Isolation must cease immediately and the conditions for treatment created for the road to freedom to be opened. Our leader is the messenger of peace. For years he has served for a peaceful solution. Unfortunately the state and fascist circles did not heed and respond to his calls. They insisted on war. If the war is continuing, it is the fault of the Turkish state. Following the meetings at Imrali and Oslo our leader presented three protocols to the state. However, the AKP government refused to accept the conditions set out in this agreement and insisted on its policies of denial and annihilation. This resulted in more deaths and war. What we want today is the freedom of our leader and an end to the denial and annihilation policies against our nation. As you will know, we are not permitted to defend ourselves in the Kurdish language in court. Thousands of Kurds are forbidden to defend themselves in their own mother tongue. With this action we demand that everyone be able to defend themselves in their mother tongue. Until Kurds have this right we are going to continue with our struggle. Until we have all our rights we are going to continue our action. Our demands are legitimate, this is why in the event of any deaths, it is the AKP government that will be responsible. The Kurdish people need to support and be in solidarity with us in these extraordinary times. Our families should not insist or call on us to end these hunger-strikes. We are not going to end these hunger-strikes until our leader is free. We believe that with this action our leader will be free and we will be victorious.’ “Our Hearts Beat With Our People!” Tuncay Genc, 22 year old university student, says “I was born in Dersim. I have been held under arrest in Edirne F Type Prison for two years now. I feel pride in being a part of such a historical process. No matter the limbo we are experiencing, our hearts beat with our people. In this sense, many of our people have sacrificed their lives for the sake of freedom. We now take on the task of the requests and demands they fought for. And this process will flow on like an unstoppable river. The barriers trying to obstruct the flow of this river are doomed to collapse. It shall be known that the Kurdish people are honest in their resistance. And will not be deceived. Carrying the responsibility of Kurdish generations to come, we will make sure to follow this where it deserves. Therefore, our lifelong demand is to lift the strengthened isolation and destruction of mr Ocalan as well as the obstruction of using our own mother tongue. I took part in the action with commitment as I have nothing left to lose. The faith, identity and hope of our people is currently under isolation in Imrali. If what makes us humans are the language we speak and the integrity of ideology created by the values we believe in, then we do not accept to live in this country as slaves. Knowing the meaningless of a life without the sun, we will yet continue our action until our demands are met. This is also an action against those who follow the AKP and CHP, against those run who from their own reality and sell their honour for 5 cents, against those who humiliate their beliefs with their own hands. All people will be able to express their beliefs and identities in system of democratic confederalism and democratic autonomy. But as long as there is pressure against Mr Ocalan, who has been a guide to this system, everyone In these lands will be dragged down into a chaos step by step. No one can withstand our desire for freedom. Our demands are clear, there are no real obstacles for them. The only obstacle is the AKP´s fear of a Kurdish people that is united. “An honorable and dignified peaceful solution is impossible without Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Ocalan” We hope that everyone will use this historic opportunity in a positive way. We declare that we are determined to continue on this path. “Mazlum, Kemal, Hayri never had doubts.”

WHATEVER HAPPENS WE WILL NOT GIVE UP ! “I was born in Bulanik, a town in the region of Mus. I have been in prison for one and half years.” Says, 20 year old Kenan Imrak “A honorable peace and life would only be with the freedom of Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan. Today, some people are mentioning a solution and peace without Abdullah Ocalan taking part. We will never accept this! Kurdish people want to live peacefully with their leader Abdullah Ocalan. Escalation of war arises from the isolation of Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan. Neither the Kurdish people nor our leader ever favoured war. Now, screams of peace will be heard by everyone! Everyone should support our actions for peace. In this period it makes me very proud to take part in this historic action. There are friends who have sacrificed their lifes for Kurdish people’s freedom and the freedom of their leader Abdullah Ocalan. Mazlum, Kemal, Hayri never had doubts. They always stayed faithful to the Kurdish people and leadership. We need to protect the values they’ve created untill the end and never give up our struggle. We will always struggle for our people and leader. We walk on the path full of values created by Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan and our martyrs. I started this hunger strike for a political solution to the Kurdish issue and for peace! Whatever happens, we will not give up! We will be victorious!” “The most beautiful and meaningful life is a life of resistance.”

‘A death that will be conducive to a new life is meaningful and sacred.’ 28 year old Mahmet Zahit Şahin from Erzurum, who has been in prison for 7 years and has a double life-sentence and a separate 70 year sentence said the following: ‘I have been behind bars for seven years. My sentence is with the Supreme Court. There are many reasons for taking an action like this. But in short I can define it as being a chance to reject the cheap and meaningless life the system sells to people. A human being is like an ocean, he or she can harbour a great many different things inside him or herself. With this action I believe I have the chance to bring together all the differences within myself and display a wholesome stance. It is evident that none of us wants to live a cheap life; however it is also clear that we are not abandoning the system that engulfs us like an octopus. There is always one side of us that is leaning towards the system. This is why our leader views a life without struggle as fraudulent and dishonourable. By taking this action I believe I am engaging in a battle against the cheap life the system promises. My aim is to take this war which began with the leadership of Öcalan to its conclusion. What is the conclusion? Yes, we are able to make decisions freely; however this does not mean that we are truly free yet. We think there is one more door. I believe we have a moral responsibility towards the leadership who has opened the path to being a free person and taught us how to struggle for this. We have a responsibility towards our leader Abdullah Öcalan. The door we must open is the door of Imrali prison, where our leader is imprisoned. This is why with this action we are targeting the freedom of our leader and people. I have a great desire to become a revolutionary, however I have not been able to say ‘I am a revolutionary’ till this day; I have always found something missing in me. You cannot do things by half measures and call yourself a revolutionary. As everyone can see, guerrilla forces are sacrificing their all in recent battles. On the second day of the hunger strike I listened to the attack of guerrilla forces on the Haruna military station.

I was affected immensely. I couldn’t prevent myself. Afterwards I questioned my revolutionary practice and my approach to the action I was taking. I learned many things in prison; in a sense this action is also a way of testing my revolutionary self and the things I learnt in prison. As you will know, prisons are built as correctional facilities; this action is also a reply to this fact. Another aspect is the massacre of Kurdish children by the Turkish state, and the weight I feel on my shoulders because of this. I am taking revenge, even if a little, for Enes, Ugur and Ceylan among many others. Finally I would like to state this; death is beautiful when it is your turn to die. A death that will be conducive to a new life is meaningful and sacred; it carries within it different sounds. The most beautiful and meaningful life is a life of resistance.’ ‘I am calling on the youth of Kurdistan to be in solidarity with their leader and people.’ ‘I am calling on the youth of Kurdistan to be in solidarity with their leader and people.’ 19 year old Nizam Özlük from Batman, wrote the following in his letter:

‘I have been in prison since February 2011. It is the first time I have been part of an indefinite hunger strike. There are periods in a revolutionary people’s history that are either remembered for their heroism or just become plain memories. Our 40 year struggle has decided that today is a time to be remembered. We are experiencing a period when the attacks against our people and leader have reached their peak, but at the same time we are the closest to victory we have ever been. This is why this action is necessary and has been taken at this time. Every nation has sacred values and these values are personified in the leaders who protect, work and sacrifice themselves for these values. Sometimes to protect and defend your language, your culture, your land and your existence, you may need to protect and defend your leader. To be in solidarity with your leader means to be in solidarity with your struggle. To live for your leader means to live in freedom. This is why we are taking this action; to live in freedom as a people, with our leader. We either want to live freely with our people and leader or we do not want to live at all; this is what this action means. We are saying ‘enough is enough’ to 14 years of imprisonment, not just isolation. As the imprisoned revolutionaries of a nation the most honourable reply we could have given to the attacks against our people is to take this action. And we will continue this resistance until we get a result. If freedom is gained through sacrifice, then we are ready to pay the price. ‘The PKK taught us resistance’ says Ali Çiçek (a PKK member who died in the 1982 hunger strike) who himself taught the youth of Kurdistan how to resist. In terms of the attacks against us and our people we are experiencing a period that is similar to the post-1980 military coup.

This is why I believe it is necessary to resist like Ali (Çiçek) and Kemal (Pir). I am happy to be a part of this resistance in the spirit of Ali Çiçek. “Our Resistance Will Be Victorious!” Our resistance will be crowned with victory says 24 years old Nasrettin Merter: I was born in Farqin, a district of Amed. I have been in prison for six years. Years ago there were brutal attacks against the leadership of the PKK. Despite this, they resisted and defended their honour. They left a heritage to us. With this action I am one of those millions who will preserve this heritage. There are serious attacks on the leader of the Kurdish people. The leadership is the vanguard of the resistance struggle. They attack a people by attacking him. To remain silent in face of such attacks is against our humanity, our conscience, our morale, our honour and our philisopfy of life. I joined this action to stand up against these attacks and I am prepared to sacrifice everything, regardless of how high the price is. Our demands are the will of millions. The expectation and goals of the lives of millions. We are trying to express the will of millions of people although we are kept in prison. Our belief to fulfil this is endless. Those who call themselves humans have to do something against these inhumane attacks. What happens on Imrali and in Kurdistan is destruction. Everyone should take their historical responsibility against this. To take such a responsibility is important. To take part in the leadership of the people´s struggle is so meaningful. Personally, I feel so lucky to be participating! The soul of millions of people is with us. This will give us victory. Our struggle will be crowned in victory.

5. THE FULL LIST OF HUNGER STRIKERS THE HUNGER STRIKERS SINCE 12 SEPTEMBER (63 PERSONS) Diyarbakır D Tipi Cezaevi Diyarbakır E tipi Kadın Kandıra 1 No’lu F Tipi Cezaevi 1. Ersan Nazlıer 1. Sara Aktaş 1. Ömer Faruk Çalışkan 2. Ferhat Önder 2. Nihayet Taşdemir 2. Fehmi Arslan 3. Mazlum Tekdağ 3. Mizgin Arı 3. Mahmut Güçin 4. Ercan Şengül 4. Herdem Kızılkaya 4. Yusuf Keskin 5. Tayip Temel 5. Pero Dündar 5. Cevdet Halim 6. Ramazan Başarı 6. Besime Konca 6. İbrahim Aykurt 7. M. Şerif Aslan 7. Seve Demir 7. Nihat Baran 8. M. Salih İlen 8. Taybet Belge 8. Necat Saci 9. Ramazan Yıldırım 9. Zeynep Kaplan 9. Aydın Tunç 10. Fırat Bilir 10. Hakan Yalçınkaya 11. Sami Geylani 12. Davut Polat 13. Erdal Emeç 14. Cihat Bekir 15. Osman Ötün Kandıra 2 No’lu F Tipi Cezaevi Siirt E tipi Erkek Siirt E tipi Kadın 1. Muhammed Mahmo 1. Rızgar (Ecevit) Turhan 1. Gülistan Abdo 2. Şehmus Öncel 2. Burhan Eviz 2. Gülan Kılıçoğlu 3. Yasin Yılmaz 3. Tevfik Özdemir 3. Emel Gültekin 4. Ersin Yolu 4. Erdi Çelik 4. Dılşah Kocakay 5. Erol Şen 5. Abdurrahman Budak 6. Suphi Yalçınkaya 6. Lokman Karaşi 7. Emrah Kaplan 8. Nazmi Doğan 9. Abdullah Rüzgar Bolu F Tipi Cezaevi 1. Sakıp Hazman 2. Abdullah Oral 3. Maruf Türka 4. Aydın Şaka 5. Muzaffer Akengin 6. Murat Avcı 7. Hasan Ateşçi 8. Ali Şek 9. Ali Adıman 10. Ahmet Akkurt HUNGER STRIKERS SINCE 22 SEPTEMBER (79 PERSONS) Erzurum H Tipi Cezaevi Rize Kalkandere L tipi C.evi Bakırköy Kadın Kapalı Cezaevi 1. Haci Sincer 1. Sedat Çayır 1. Fatma Koçak 2. Selman Gülbahçe 2. Mehmet İnatçı 2. Ayşe Oyman 3. Sinan Gencer 3. İlhan Dayan 3. Melek Dolaz 4. Ömer Çelik 4. Mazhar Tüzmen 4. Ayşe Güney 5. Adem Yılmaz 5. Şerif Erten 5. Semra Tekin 6. Muzaffer Yılmaz 6. Recep Bal 6. Çimen Türk 7. Kani Çelik 7. H. Mesut Çelebi 7. Canan Güler 8. İbragimov Vezir Abbassaviç 8. Edip Erdem 8. Nurcan Can 9. A. Kadir Iırmak 9. Mahsum Kahraman 9. Hacire Tanırgan 10. Veysi Akgönül 10. Metin Toprak 10. Hanım Çelik Antep H Tipi Cezaevi Silivri 2 Nolu L tipi Cezaevi Mardin E Tipi Cezaevi Erkek 1. Mehmet Çelik 1. Mümtaz Aydeniz 1. Yunus Durdu 2. Cevdet Derze 2. Rıdvan Balku 2. Musa Arslan 3. Müslüm Demir 3. Erdal Avcı 3. Fırat Arzu 4. Necmettin Ayhan 4. Aslan İşçioğlu 4. Mehmet Yavuzel 5. Murat Gümüş 5. İsmail Adalmış 5. Cumhur Karuman 6. Eyüp Çelik 6. Arif Yılmaz 6. Hiriş Menberi 7. Mülazım Momyak 7. Osman Koşut 7. Emin Gezer 8. Şaban Şahin 8. Mehmet Selim Çelik 8. Şirin Şahin 9. Mübarek Aku 9. Mehmet Baki Bingöl 10. İlyas Arzu 10. Şeyhmus Kalkan 11. Abdulvahap Nas 12. Talip Mikailoğulları 13. Abdullah Tayboğa 14. Ubeyt Kutum 15. Akgül Bozdağ Mardin E Tipi Kadın Midyat M tipi Erkek Midyat M Tipi Kadın 1. Züleyha Yılmaz 1. Mustafa Ayhan 1. Derya Moray 2. Behice Tanrıverdi 2. Kemal Bahtiyar Hasan 2. Ayşe Kara 3. İlyas Demir 4. Beyhan Gözmen 5. Gıvara Atıko Erzurum Oltu T Tipi Cezaevi 1. Nihat Varlı 2. Tahir Temel 3. İzzet Eren 4. Sedat Avcı 5. Bayer Uğurlu 6. Salih Erdem 7. Bülent Akar HUNGER STRIKERS SINCE 5 OCTOBER (220 PERSONS) Muş E Tipi Cezaevi Erkek Batman M Tipi Erkek Bingöl M Tipi Erkek 1. Atilla Coşkunözer 1. Şeyhmus Bülbül 1. Saffet Durmaz 2. Hüseyin Batubay 2. Ali Adıbelli 2. Ahmet Korhan 3. Muhammed Ahmet 3. Nizam Arzık 3. Edip Yalçınkaya 4. M.Sıddık Ayaz 4. Delil Yılmaz 4. Osman Kılıç 5. Osman Pinç 5. Şafak Çelen 5. Baran Günona 6. Murat Bütün 6. Adnan Yiğittekin 6. Diyar Kaydu 7. Haydar Savar 7. Serdar Şahin 7. Emrullah Kurcan 8. Sebahattin Tekin 8. Atilla Öztürk 8. Aslan İbicik 9. Fusih Paş 9. İskan Egüz 10. Erhan Aydın 10. Ahmet Eski Bayburt M Tipi Cezaevi Erkek Bingöl M Tipi Kadın Kırıkkale Hacılar F Tipi 1. Bozan Açlan 1. Hanım Çeşme 1. Şehmus Özsubaşı 2. Ali Emirhani 2. Tahir Kızıldemir 3. Haşim Özdaş 3. Aram Akyüz 4. Ömer Tutuş 4. Murat Baludan 5. Lokman İnce 5. Velat Esen 6. Emrah Aba Ankara Sincan Kadın Ankara Sincan 2 Nolu F Tipi Adana Kürkçüler F Tipi 1. Naime Encü 1. Özkan Kart 1. Mehmet Şahin 2. Güler Özbay 2. Reşat Özdil 2. M. Halit Oruç 3. Zeynep Kınacı 3. Cabbar Palabıyık 3. Mehmet Dal 4. Azize Yağız 4. Bedri Temizyüz 4. Mehmet Erbey 5. Emine Demir 5. Bülent Güneş 5. Murat Gül 6. Adile Dağal 6. M.Emin Akkuş 6. Abdurrahman Çınar 7. Berivan Elter 7. Resul Muhammed 7. Ahmet Bağdu 8. Yağmur Keskin 8. Ahmet Akgün 8. Aziz Kılıç 9. Ayşegül Ayaz 9. Süleyman Hamdo 9. Barış Yiğit 10. M. Can Oğuzsoy 10. Cengiz Nergiz Edirne F Tipi Cezaevi İzmir Aliağa Şakran 2 Nolu Cezaevi İzmir Aliağa Şakran 3 Nolu T Tipi 1. Nasrettin Merter 1. Murat Bilge 1. Suat Gürbüz 2. Tuncay Genç 2. Faruk Baysu 2. Hakkı Yorulmaz 3. Ersin Kazhan 3. Erdoğan Uçar 3. Agit Bilir 4. Hasan Kızılkan 4. Habib Güler 4. Mevlüt Tekin 5. Fırat Vural 5. Reşit Çağlı 5. Mirza Öztekin 6. Zahit Şahin 6. İsmail Yaman 6. A.Rahim Çetinkaya 7. Barış Mete 7. Emin Yııldız 7. Vahap Kuzu 8. Kerem Iırmak 8. Nurettin Atınç 9. Nizam Özlük 9. Mahmut Aba 10. Yıldırım Turgut 10. Abdullah Nas 11. Vahyettin sarı 12. Murat Aktaş 13. Mehmet Durak 14. Mustafa İke 15. Ali Alp İzmir Aliağa Şakran 4 Nolu T Tipi İzmir Aliağa Şakran Kapalı Kadın Kocaeli Gebze Kadın Kapalı C.Evi 1. Ubeydullah Tokay 1. Ayfer Ayçiçek 1. Gülistan Üstün 2. Sedat Dalga 2. Şükran Aydın 2. Mülkiye Doğan 3. Mehmet Işık 3. Müzeher Bulut 3. Gülbahar Aydoğan 4. Ziver Mete 4. Gülistan Seçkin 4. Bilge Kahraman 5. Hamit Aydın 5. Hatice Çakmak 6. Osman Çağlar Elbistan E Tipi Cezaevi Erkek Elbistan E Tipi C.evi Kadın Adıyaman E Tipi Erkek 1. Erdal Laçin 1. Selver Yıldırım 1. Naci Ataman 2. Kemal Demirbaş 2. Aysel Doğan 2. Umut Çamlıbel 3. İsmail Tüzün 3. Sabri Acar 4. İ. Hakı Tursun 5. Adil Abi 6. Abdullah Hasan 7. Hüseyin Toronoğlu 8. Muhammet Bablis Tekirdağ 1 No’lu F Tipi Cezaevi Tekirdağ 2 No’lu F Tipi Cezaevi Giresun E tipi Cezaevi 1. Cesim Yıldırım 1. Ali Karataş 1. Mehdi Ay 2. Ferhat Tağay 2. Mahsum Ortaç 2. Faruk Beyter 3. Yakup Erdoğan 3. Sinan Sezen 3. Zülküf Gezen 4. Turan Günana 4. Ahmet Solgun 4. A. Menaf Gezer 5. Zafer Acar 5. Harun Karataş 5. Fuat Bor 6. Mehmet Nezir Duru 6. Turgay Ural 6. Ubeyt Şen 7. M. Şirin Abay 7. Haşim Özpolat 7. Mahmut Demir 8. Şehmuz Avcı 8. Necati Öztekin 8. Aydın Akış 9. Cengiz Atsız 9. Mazlum Diikmen 10. Mazlum Özağar 11. M. Ayetullah Baytarkan Amasya E Tipi Cezaevi İzmir Kırıklar 1 Nolu F tipi Cezaevi İzmir Kırıklar 2 Nolu F tipi Cezaevi 1. Bahattin Alpboğa 1. Necdet Kaya 1. Sertaç Kılıçarslan 2. Erdal Taşkıran 2. Serdar Taşkın 2. Şenol Koç 3. Devran Balkaş 3. Deniz Atlı 3. Nevzat Kılıç 4. Ayhan Bayar 4. Yakup Yalçın 4. Mehmet Yayan 5. Derviş İsmail 5. Cengiz Doğan 5. Turgut Koyuncu 6. Meydin Athan 6. Mustafa Sevim 6. Özkan Yaşar 7. Taner Şirp 7. Ozan Esen 7. Ekrem Altay 8. Mehmet Halis Vural 8. Hurşit Kütler 9. Bünyamin Sürme 9. Ahmet Kaya 10. Mesut Özcan 11. Zeki Bulut 12. Mekan Aslan 13. Ferhat Çökmen Trabzon E Tipi Cezaevi Van F Tipi Cezaevi Gümüşhane E Tipi Cezaevi 1. Ahmet Koç 1. Şerafettin Demir 1. Yaşar Alat 2. Jiyan Fırat Esin 2. Kahraman Muslu 2. Vahit Aslanhan 3. Yahya Güneş 3. Sedat İke 3. Hacı Aslan 4. Abdulkadir Yurcu 4. Fırat Bor 4. Adem Yııldız 5. Tuncer Aratan 5. Önder Al 5. Medeni Durak 6. Abdo Şeyti 7. İsmet Karak 8. Özkan Doğan 9. Tahir Umiyican Çankırı E Tipi Cezaevi Bitlis E Tipi Kadın Bolu T Tipi 1. Mahmut Balkaş 1. Şahize Çelik 1. Hacı Ali Baştürk 2. Rojhat Özkan 2. Naime Tuçi 2. Hanifi Bilgin 3. Kadir İdin 3. Hayrettin Atlı 4. Abdullah Çelik 5. Turan Uysal 6. Suat İncedere 7. Servet Kurt 8. Yüksel Öztürk 9. Ercan Doğan 10. İsim belirtilmemiş HUNGER STRIKERS SINCE 15 OCTOBER (280 PERSONS) Diyarbakır D Tipi Siirt E Tipi Erkek Siirt E Tipi Kadın 1. Ahmet Makas 1. Aziz Kutlu 1. Semire Direkçi 2. Salih Akdoğan 2. Fesih Kaya 2. Kevser Akçelik 3. Cevher Ay 3. Emrah Kelekçiler 3. Harika Peker 4. Hüseyin Orhan 4. Mustafa Gündüz 5. Engin Demir 5. Yusuf Öztürk 6. Mehmet Çoku 6. Fahrettin Ecer 7. Nusret Saltan 8. Hasan Iraz 9. Celalettin Güngen 10. Necdet Şan 11. Murat İlhan 12. Faysal Sarıyıldız Bakırköy kapalı Kadın Cezaevi Sincan Kadın Kapalı Cezaevi Gümüşhane E Tipi Cezaevi 1. Yasemin Aslan 1. Nilüfer Şahin 1. İbrahim Oğur 2. Ruşen Gültekin 2. Songül Enüştekin 2. Suat Sansur 3. Aysel Güler 3. Meltem Çoban 3. Kasım Sözen 4. Semra Karabaş 5. Emel Çetin 6. Pervin Yerlikaya 7. Jiyan Polat 8. Şehnaz Akdoğan 9. Nurcan Yolvercan 10. Hülya Yer 11. Meltem Yıldırım 12. Belgin Karaboğa Silivri 2 Nolu L Tipi Antep H Tipi Cezaevi Elbistan E Tipi Cezaevi 1. Kutbeddin Yazbaşı 1. Hakkı Aygün 1. Amber Kurtgözü Bakıray 2. Şemsettin Dülek 2. Ümit Beyaz 2. Ahmet Turan 3. Felemez Erkan 3. Cevat Yurdagül 3. M. Emin Mutlu 4. Ahmet Ece 4. İsa İpekli 4. Mahfuz Dündar 5. Mehmet Beyazıt 5. Ali Demir 6. Mustafa Polat 6. Mehmet İpek 7. Nihat Oğraş Tokat T Tipi Cezaevi Hatay M Tipi Cezaevi Osmaniye T Tipi Cezaevi 1. Recep Güler 1. Cihan Çoban 1. Bazi Aslan 2. Emin Fidancı 2. Cemil Sayın 2. Mehmet Akar 3. Murat Tursun 3. Mahsum Sağlam 3. Osman Bozkurt 4. İlyas Efe 4. Murat Şimşek 4. Reşit Taş 5. Nevzat Etiz 5. Mazlum Kapan 6. Suat Günbeyi Adana Karataş Kadın Silifke M Tipi Cezaevi Tekirdağ 1 Nolu F Tipi Cezaevi 1. Gamze Erol 1. Adnan Özbey 1. Deniz Kurtay 2. Aycan Özdoğan 2. Yunus Simir 2. Tahsin Barutçu 3. Deniz Abukan 3. Vasfi Hoştaş 3. Lokman Coşkun 4. Ceylan Akgül 4. Ayaz Çete 4. A. Rahim İzgin 5. Kadriye Gülter 5. Hüseyin Aslan 5. Alihan Bayar 6. Cengiz Çelik 7. Hakan Adıgüzel 8. İsmail Çelik 9. Mehmet Gücin 10. Mahmut Bali 11. M. Emin Dağlı Tekirdağ 2 Nolu F Tipi Cezaevi Ceyhan M tipi Cezaevi Antalya L Tipi Cezaevi 1. Metin İnce 1. İbrahim Doğan 1. Mehmet Şirin Tekmenuray 2. Kahraman Akacık 2. Murat Çiftçi 2. Ali Özmen 3. Murat Öztürk 3. Mahsum Özdemir 3. Yücel Balyeci 4. Bilal Nargile 4. Faruk Budak 4. Ekrem Hamudi 5. Ömer Yılmaz 5. Mehmet Güler 5. Celal Çalışır 6. Mahsun Büyükkaya 6. Metin Korkmaz 7. Mahsun Dıma 7. Yılmaz Yıldız 8. Sercan Avşar 8. Recep Doğan 9. Ömer Çapın 10. Erkan Özdemir Sincan 2 Nolu Cezaevi Dyarbakır E Tipi Kadın Cezaevi Mardin E Tipi Kadın Cezaevi 1. Mithat Gümüş 1. Elif Ekinci 1. Zeynep Coşkun 2. Fethullah Yiğit 2. Ayşe Irmak 2. Zeynep Altunkaynak 3. Kurtulmuş Atalay 3. Dilek Yılmaz 4. Sinan Yiğit İskenderun M Tipi Cezaevi Van F Tipi Cezaevi Ordu E Tipi Cezaevi 1. Nizar Aka 1. Bekir Kaya 1. A.Selam Şehmuz 2. Faruk Aydın 2. Abdülkerim Sayan 2. Bayram Arslan 3. Emrullah Abay 3. Cüneyt Caniş 3. Şafii Kayhan 4. Yusuf Başaran 4. Ferman Akyüz 5. Mehmet Cin 6. Harun Pala 7. Metin Adogit 8. Şirin Yıldız 9. Derviş Polat 10. Veli Avcı 11. Özgür Deniz 12. Adil Pala 13. Cengiz Ece Bolu F Tipi Rize Kalkandere L Tipi Cezaevi Burdur E Tipi Cezaevi 1. Ahmet Doğan 1. Faysal Tunç 1. Nihat Ekmez 2. Ali Yüce 2. Erdoğan Dinçer 2. Sadık Aslan 3. Latif İpek 3. Ahmet Oğuz 4. Resul Diri 4. Kadir Emek 5. İsmail Kaya 5. Serdar Toprak Kırıklar 1 Nolu F Tipi Cezaevi Edirne F Tipi Cezaevi Kandıra 2 Nolu F Tipi 1. Özgür Güçlü 1. Ercan Atay 1. Cengiz Çiçek 2. Murat Makas 2. Fırat Avcıl 2. Selahattin Arslan 3. Faruk Kara 3. Adem Orhan 3. Azad Metin 4. Erdin Baran 4. Adem Şerin 4. Ahmet Soysal 5. Muhammet Kızılay 5. Turan Şengül 5. Sadun Solhan 6. Mehmet Şerif Sürme 7. Hayrettin Adak Kandıra 1 Nolu F Tipi Cezaevi Giresun E Tipi Cezaevi 8. Ramazan Atabey 1. İbrahim Çeçen 1. Murat Dikme 9. Yusuf Aydın 2. Turgay Tokur 2. Mustafa Çakmaz 10. Bülent Koç 3. Velat Siner 11. Şiyar Alkan 12. M. Zair Vural Denizli D Tipi Cezaevi Samsun Bafra T Tipi Kapalı Cezaevi 13. Can Siner 1. Zeki Demirhan 1. Mehmet Yıldırım 14. Nedim Özalp 2. Hasan Keleş 2. Yakup Turgut 15. Nimet Yıldız 3. Ramazan Nazlıer 3. Metin Keremun 16. Mahsun Özen 4. Fahrettin Kocakaya 4. Serbest Süleyman 17. Ufuk Aydın 5. Tekin Çakmak 18. A. Selam Avcı 6. Salih Öztürk. 19. Faruk Tastan 20. İdris Yüksel Balıkesir Kepsut L Tipi Cezaevi Mardin E Tipi Erkek 21. Mahsun Tunç 1. Mehmet Ali Kayadağ 1. Reşat Kaymaz 22. Mazlum Tunç 2. Kaya Yıldız 2. Sait Ercik 23. Fatih Kurt 3. Mehmet Ateş 3. Agit Gökhan 24. Barış Okutucu 4. Erdal Bayram 4. M. Eren Demirkan 25. Dikran Çelik 5. Mehmet Uztaş 26. Musa Demirhan 6. Emrah Saçık 27. Behruz Sucas 7. İlhami Çınar 28. Behruz Akgül 8. Hüsnü Aşan 29. Cevat Altınkaya 30. Gökhan Dönmez Kırıkkale F Tipi Cezaevi Muş E Tipi Kadın Cezaevi 31. Muharrem Yavuz 1. Zana Mazak 1. Bahar Uçak 32. Battal Battaloğllu 2. Vahdettin Turan 2. Necibe Armin 33. Erdi Açıkalın 3. Vahit Ufuk Yüksel 34. İbrahim Yağız 35. Sedat Sezgin Bingöl M Tipi Cezaevi 36. Mehmet Sürme 1. Hanefi Eser 37. A. İhsan Dost 2. Yalçın Keskin 38. İrfan Sarıboğa 3. Diren Yaşa 39. Hüseyin Tunç 4. Suphi İsmail 40. Mazlum Özçakıcı 5. Emrah Obiç 41. İsmail Karasu 6. Davut Avcı 42. Ferit Çelik 43. M. Halim Oral 44. Adnan Ağdede 45. M. Emin Karatay 46. Serkan Kaplan 47. İsmail Polit 48. Bekir Kılıçarslan 49. Semih Ersönmez 50. Umut Yıldırım 51. Ferit Ezmet 52. Osman Tekin 53. Ahmet Batur 54. Davut Demir 55. Emrah Kandemir 56. İbrahim Halit Kaya 57. H. İbrahim Budak 58. Agit Akdoğan 59. Cengiz İbdil 60. Cihan Turan 61. Nihat Bayık 62. İbrahim Tekin 63. Veysi Kaya 64. Seyfettin Yavuz 65. Eyüp Aygen 66. Bışar Dağı 67. Nejdet Yıldırım 68. Basri Abi 69. Veysi Kaya 70. Mehmet Aslan 71. Yaşar Sincar 72. Menduh Yıldız 73. Mustafa Sayan 74. Yasin Dilim 75. Mehmet Yıldırım 76. soyadı öğrenilemeyen Nihat