French intelligence says Paris killings an inside job

“Remzi Kartal did not rule out the implication of PKK members in the incident.”

20 January 2013 / TODAY’S ZAMAN, İSTANBUL, – Turkish media reported on Sunday that the French intelligence informed the Turkish government officials about an investigation into the killings of three Kurdish women — including a co-founder of the terrorist Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in Paris earlier this month — saying that the assassination of the women was the result of an intra-PKK conflict.

According to the reports, French intelligence has been aware of a conflict inside the terrorist organization for a while before the murders, which supports the belief that the murders came as a result of an intra-PKK problem. (…)  French Le Parisien has reported that police did not find any evidence related with the murder in searches conducted in the homes of the murdered terrorists.

According to the website of the Le Point magazine, one of the suspects was with the murdered terrorists and he was the last person to see them alive. The report said he was detained after he sounded suspicious while answering the police’s questions. The murder is seen in Turkey as an effort to derail ongoing peace talks between the Turkish government and the terrorist organization in a bid to end decades of fighting. It is being investigated whether or not PKK members who opposed the talks are involved in the murders.

Meanwhile, Kurdish People’s Congress (KONGRA-GEL) head Remzi Kartal told the Taraf daily that the murders are not something that could be committed by a 100-percent PKK decision. “PKK is an organization, it is not an individual,” he said, adding the killings were carried out by circles who oppose peace. Kartal did not rule out the implication of PKK members in the incident.