Free Syrian Army-linked groups suffer heavy losses

20 November 2012 – ANF –  After yesterday’s clashes tension remains high in Syrian Kurdish area of Serêkaniyê. Two armed groups said to be affiliated to the Free Syrian Army suffered heavy losses on Monday when clashes broke out between these groups and People’s Defense Units (YPG) forces in the West Kurdistan city of Serêkaniyê. The armed groups attacked the people in the city as they took to the streets for the rally organized by the Supreme Kurdish Council.

According to reports received, bodies of 14 dead members of these groups were delivered to their side by YPG forces, while at least 12 others are reported to have been killed in clashes which are reported to have lasted all day. Among those killed are reportedly three leaders of the El Sam armed group, Ali Aksud, Mecid Abdullah and Fair Haci Rahim.

The operation launched by the YPG in the area is reported to be still on.

YPG members Xalid Ömer Hamo (31), Salah Eyo Şexo (40) and Ehmed Sîno Qewas (29) and Kurdish security forces member Sileman Sino (28) lost their life in clashes. Since hundreds of members of Free Syrian Army entered the city over Turkey on 8 November, the city has been bombed several times by forces of the Syrian regime, killing at least ten civilians and wounding around 70 others in the last one week. Around 50 houses were demolished in the attacks which forced eleven thousand people migrate from the region.