EXCLUSIV : “Shafaq News” gets information about Unified Kurdish Coalition list

Sunday, 12 January 2014 – Shafaq News / “Shafaq News ” obtained on Sunday, the number and names of the candidates of the unified Kurdish coalition list, which includes the unified Kurdish parties in Baghdad.

According to documents published by “Shafaq News ” , the leader in the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and the official of the organizations’ Office in Baghdad , Faryad Roandzi will head the alliance registered in the Independent High Electoral Commission (IHEC) under the name of ” Unified Kurdish Coalition.” The list includes 19 candidates, 14 candidates from Kurdistan Democratic Party , 4 from the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and one candidate form the Social Democratic Party of Kurdistan . The list includes 13 men and 6 women.  The list has taken a slogan on the shape of the Iraqi map underneath tangled arms with sun and three fire flames colored green , white and red , a component of Kurdistan flag with the name of ( the Kurdish Unified coalition) catchword written underneath ( With tolerance and coexistence , we build community ) . It is scheduled to hold elections in the Iraqi parliament in 30 of next April