EAST KURDISTAN (IRAN)MESOPOTAMIA NEWS : MULLAH MACRON ! – France to Offer $15 Billion to Iran to Save Nuclear Deal 3 Sept 2019 – BY THE SOUFAN GROUP

A senior Iranian delegation arrived in Paris on Monday to work out the details of a financial bailout package that France’s president Emmanuel Macron intends to use to compensate Iran for oil sales lost to U.S. sanctions. In return, Iran would agree to return to compliance with the 2015 nuclear accord. Iranian press reports and a senior U.S. official say that the core of the package is a $15 billion letter of credit that would allow Iran to receive hard currency that would account for about half the revenue Iran normally would expect to earn from oil exports in a year. The letter of credit proposed by President Macron is part of a broader effort by the French, with help from Germany and other European powers, to save the 2015 agreement. Macron’s government has declined to provide any details of its negotiations with the Iranians, though it was reportedly the subject of discussion between the French president and President Trump at the recent G7 summit.

Separately, Iran reportedly is stifling a United Nations investigation of its alleged storage of nuclear equipment and radioactive material in Tehran, according to unspecified diplomatic sources, leading to new concerns about Iran’s nuclear activities. The diplomats said Iran has refused to provide answers to important questions raised by the UN’s International Atomic Energy Agency over allegations, first made public by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a year ago, that Iran had established a now-dismantled site in Tehran to store equipment and material used during past nuclear weapons work. New York Times, Wall Street Journal
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