Diyarbakır mayors for Kurds in Syria

ANF, Diyarbakır/Amed 22.02.2013 – Holding a press conference in front of Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality building on Friday, Mayor Osman Baydemir stated that the  metropolitan and four district municipalities of  Bağlar, Yenişehir, Kayapınar and Sur have launched a Food Aid Campaign for the people suffering from the internal conflict in Syria.

Speaking on behalf of the municipalities running the campaign in Diyarbakır, Baydemir said that the internal conflict and practices of the regime in Syria have caused not only a great human tragedy but also financial difficulties and poverty resulting from the food embargo in the territory.

Baydemir noted that the food campaign by five municipalities will last one month, and that the collected aid materials will be delivered to the people in Aleppo, Afrîn, Qamişlo, Serêkanî who have benefited the least from the aid materials sent to the region so far. Baydemir said that they were ready to conduct a collective work for the campaign with the Democratic Society Congress (DTK), political parties and non-governmental organizations. “We hope all the peoples in Syria will have a a democratic regime, a free and brotherly life consisting of all ethnic identities. Time for solidarity”, said Baydemir and called for support for the campaign.