Coordinated PKK attacks left seven soldiers dead

ERBIL, Aug.24 (AKnews)- Attacks on five different military bases in southeastern Turkey by Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) fighters left behind six soldiers and an army officer dead and nine more soldiers wounded, Firat news agency reported.

The agency cited a statement by YJA.Star (Union of Free Women, affiliated with PKK), that the fighters  at 03.00 p.m. attacked the military bases in Robarok, Girana, two other barracks under construction and a military base for protecting the facilities under constitution in Semzinan district. Apart from killing soldiers, the fighters also confiscated some armaments and destroyed two trenches.

The health condition of three wounded soldiers is reported serious. In another statement, also published by Firat news agency, the fighters refuted the reports by the Turkish army which alleged 16 PKK fighters were killed on Thursday. The statement said that only two fighters were killed who are Firuz Parikimadlu from Urmiyyeh (Western Azerbaijan province of Iran) and Murat Capa from Amed (Turkey). In separate statements earlier, PKK’s military wing, HPG (People’s Defense Forces) said that in the past two days 26 soldiers were killed and at least 19 wounded in clashes.