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34 tons of gold imported to Kurdistan in 7 months

ERBIL, Aug. 26 (AKnews) – Gold imports have hit 34 tons during the seven months, Kurdistan Region’s Jewelry Control announced. – The increase in imports coincides with a surge in jewel and gold stores in the region’s three main cities. Of the 34 tons of gold, 12,376 kilograms were imported into the region through Erbil International Airport while 22,384 kilograms through Sulaimaniyah airport. Bakir Aziz, head of the Jewelry Control said over the period 47 jewelry stores were also opened in the three cities of Erbil, Sulaimaniyah and Duhok of which 23 were in Erbil, 13 in Suliamaniyah and 9 in Duhok. The current number of gold stores in Kurdistan Region has reached 1359 of which 454 are in Erbil, 510 in Sulaimaniyah and 395 in Duhok.