As the reality of the events in the last 3-4 days unfolds at Dicle University, it is understood that it it is not an ordinary sequence of events is but a serious arrangement.

The situation at the University of Dicle which occurred to be a normal event in the beginning, later the events extending over a period of time shows that it is deliberately planned other than just being a normal student event. The extent of the events reached a serious dimension by a notorious marginal group which is supported by the police, under the protection of rectorate of the university, stabbing the patriotic-democratic youth.   

Despite the efforts of democratic institutions in Amed to solve the problem, persistently spreading the events and many students being detained and subjected to torture, is an important situation. Revolutionary-democratic-patriotic students from other universities in Turkey rightly showed reaction against the attitude of the police and the stabbing of the students. However, at these places there have been groups also carried attacks on the student protestors that seemed to be the continuation of the provocative group in Amed. All these show that it is an deliberately planned event.

In Amed,  shouting slogans against our party-the PKK under the police protection and spreading the events are quite significant. In the 1990s, a group with support of the police and the state using cruel and sadistic methods to kill patriots are still fresh in the memories and, today this group in different ways take initiatives in style reminiscent of the counter practice with the support of the police against patriotic-democratic  youth,  is a very dangerous situation. We hope that all who are in the wrong account, see their mistakes as soon as possible and stop and give up this dangerous venture.

Triggering with the support of the state has been major damage to our people in the past. However, our people have important lessons from the past and today they are more consciously aware and organized. In this respect, one should not make false accounts of past state-sponsored triggerman and today a state-sponsored political triggering should not turn into stabbing.

The new process that Leader Apo Newroz has launched is proclaimed and the violence is given completely to one side, it is a process that instead of guns ideas and thoughts should speak. The persistence of these kind of events at this period is imposition of such a period is thought-provoking. We, as the movement, state that at a stage where we act to go ahead with the new process, taking such initiatives to force our people to take different positions will not be achieved. However, under all circumstances, everyone has to make the correct account. Everyone in this regard, in its facade, to approach realistically without dreams but with a responsible act will be important.

At this important process, our people should be more sensitive to such events; Kurdish youth, beware of the provocative initiatives, should further raise its own organization and the struggle by means of democratic methods.

Here, the attitude of the state and the AKP government is important. While at the beginning of the process that the police wants to suppress the patriotic democratic youth, an attitude that is quite compelling. In the past period, in every new process releasing Front groups and try to attack Kurdish peoples` struggle for freedom, has been a traditional Turkish colonialism`s intimidation tactic. However at this point, if the AKP government has really decided to solve the problem, the Turkish colonialism`s use of different groups of this kind should stop using the tactic of attrition of the Kurdish Freedom Movement. In the events at the Dicle University the practice of the police in encouraging and caring of the provocative group is evident. At the same time, the rectorate, instead of making an effort to stop the events and support the same group has prevented to intervene and end the events.

At a time when an historical process is being experienced, on one hand, reactivate the same methods that the Kurdish people suffered from and support of these groups by the police and on the other hand, the village guard system which in Kurdish society is an important process of degeneration is tried to be developed as if there is no such new process, is against the spirit of the process. We call on the AKP government, to stop the long used methods by the Turkish state against the Kurdish people and take a clear and consistent attitude towards such initiatives which are sabotage the process.                                                         


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