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35 Kurdish Journalist will be trialed in Istanbul on 10th September 2012.

98 Kurdish journalist, reporter, author and newspaper staff have been arrested in Turkey’s prisons. The largest detention operation in recent years for the Kurdish Journalists took place on December 20, 2011. 44 journalists were detained and after 4 days 35 journalists were arrested on December 24.

Even to the court before the unquestioning journalists are kept in prisons about nine months. Examined the indictment in excess of eight hundred (800) pages, will be understood that one side of the case law. As a result of solutionless policy pursued by the AKP government held the Kurdish question and causing mass arrest of nearly eight thousand people that is defined as “KCK”.

As a basis for operations in various provinces which the central, provincial, district managers, the managers of civil society organizations of BDP were arrested. Moreover within the framework of these operations, lawyers, journalists, trade unionists, medical students were arrested in a special operation.

All news materials were seized during raids on offices. Özgür Gündem newspaper broadcast was asked to obstruct in the actual. The accusation described the case as journalists arrested in the works for its activities not only professional journalism and journalists, considered a crime “news” and “chat” topics “acts against the state”.

According to prosecutor’s accusation the following actions are perceived as “organizational crime” and “terrorist activities” by the prosecutor: earthquake news court reporter sexual harassment news in Turkish Airlines (THY) monitoring news stories and public demonstrations and also writing news telephone conversations with the director of news and reporter about the news telephone conversations with the director of news and author about the article of the news telephone conversations with the authors about the headlines of the newspaper Having a yellow press card Detected by the listen, discussions, comments and reviews of journalists on the progress of Turkey’s political agenda To take a passport, to travel abroad Coupling produced by the prosecution, “Organizational News” To give bill to the news agency subscribers, subscriber fees to be charged Turkuvaz Distribution Company which distributes all the newspaper in Turkey, to collect the proceeds from the sale of vendor.

It is clear that, the accusation and arrestments are not legitimate and justice. All of the Kurdish journalists are trialed by the reason of being a threat to the government’s anti-democratic implementations such as ongoing arrestment operations, harmful interferences to the demonstrators, etc.

BDP calls international public opinion, journalists, human rights defenders and politicians to solidarity with the Kurdish journalists to promoting a more democratic country.

Foreign Affairs Commission of BDP / PEACE AND DEMOCRACY PARTY

Contact: Barış Manço Cad. 1388.Sok. No: 37 BALGAT / ANKARA Tel: (+90) 312 220 19 50 Fax: (+90)312 220 19 77

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If you are able to attend to the trial as an observer, please let us know.

If you need, we will provide an interpreter during the trial. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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DEFENSE SIDE: Kurdish Journalists – DATE: 10-14 September 2012

PLACE: 16th Court of Special Authority in Çağlayan / İstanbul (Çağlayan Courthouse)

Possible Hotels: Suggestion 1: Tempo Hotel Çağlayan: Distance to Courthouse: 1 km.

Address: Çağlayan Vatan Caddesi / Emek Sokak No:1 / Kağıthane – İstanbul

Suggestion 2: Hotel Çağlayan: Distance to Courthouse: 500 m. Address: Gürsel Mahallesi / Tümleç Sokak No: 2 / Kağıthane – İstanbul