Besir Atalay: Resolution process most important event of 2013

ANF – ANKARA 02.01.2014 – Deputy Prime Minister Beşir Atalay has denied the claim that a report containing two thousand names has been submitted to the Prime Minister. Atalay said: “There is absolutely no truth in this”. Atalay added that the resolution process was the most important event of 2013.

Atalay said there was no truth in claims that AKP MP Burhan Kuzu had said there was a report regarding a parallel structure within the state. Kuzu was reported to have said that “in an intelligence report submitted to the Prime Minister there are details of a parallel structure within the state, A witch hunt has been prevented in 42 provinces. There are 2,000 names of high ranking officers, academics, bureaucrats, judges, prosecutors,  journalists and business people. There is also an organisational code.”

Beşir Atalay said on the Habertürk TV channel: “I have spoken to Burhan on the phone. He says there was a misinformation and that there was no way he could know these things. He said he shared a news item in a newspaper. Today it has gained more prominence in the press. This is speculation. There is no question of a report or something about such and such a section.”

Atalay added that all these debates would become more transparent, saying: “Our sensitivity regarding democratisation will increase. The EU process will be part of this. If there are mistakes, in law, in wiretaps, in the police, in the judiciary, whoever is responsible, in illegal structures, this is not on.”

Atalay claimed everything would be carried out “within the law”, adding: “the people will be given assurance. As we enter 2014 we have experienced these things. This is a year with two elections.”

On the subject of “General amnesty” Atalay remarked that a general amnesty is not on their agenda, but that they have an attitude regarding detention. “We are opposed to unjustly prolonged detention. We have taken measures to speed up the judicial process. New offices have been set up in the appeals department. If the verdict is delayed, if there is a problem regarding concrete evidence then there should not be prolonged detention”, he said.

We have never promised a general amnesty, said Atalay, adding: “At the end of the process of resolution, there will definitely be a provision regarding the future of organisation members. Those who have not been involved in offences will be assessed differently. You have to make provision for rehabilitation. This subject will definitely come up at the end of the resolution process. Things concerning amnesty can be discussed in this way. This is not an amnesty, but there may be a need for a provision regarding returning home.”

Atalay said that Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan was an “important component of the resolution process”, adding: “The MIT undersecretary deals with that. The second component is the BDP. Our Minister of Justice talks to them. That is how it is going at the moment. But Northern Iraq is always involved.”

Atalay continued: “I want to say that these are deep subjects. It is necessary to be painstaking. It is normal for the other things to take time as long as the process is intact. The process is continuing, there is no doubt about that. Certain things take time. This question will be resolved.” Atalay pointed out that “When we talk about 2013, the process of resolution is the most important event. This process, in which I have played many roles, started at the beginning of 2013. I am very pleased about this. Lives were not lost, there were no martyrs”.