BDP to hold primary election in Diyarbakır today

ANF – AMED/DİYARBAKIR 24.11.2013 – Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) has received over ten thousand applications for mayor and city council member candidateship for the approaching local elections which will be held next March.

A total of 167 people have put down their names in the list for candidates from which the mayor candidates will be selected for Diyarbakır/Amed Municipality.

The number of those who have stood for seat in the city council of Bağlar, Sur, Yenişehir and Kayapınar Municipalities has reached 299 by now. According to the information obtained from the BDP electoral commission, 167 people have applied for mayor nomination candidacy so far, including 8 in Bağlar, 11 in Bismil, 6 in Çermik, 7 in Çınar, 1 in Çüngüş, 1 in Eğil, 10 in Dicle, 24 in Ergani, 9 in Hani, 12 in Hazro, 14 in Kayapınar, 15 in Kocaköy, 5 in Kulp, 8 in Lice, 11 in Silvan, 13 in Sur, 10 in Yenişehir and two for Amed metropolitan municipality.

The present mayors in the districts of  Hani, Bismil, Kocaköy, Ergani, Kulp, Bağlar, Kayapınar, Yenişehir and Çınar have come up for reelection. The nomination candidacies are grounded on 40 percent quota for women, while women have also applied for mayorship in the districts that have failed to reach the quota. The Amed organization of the BDP will hold a primary election in the districts of Bağlar, Kayapınar, Sur and Yenişehir today. 12 thousand delegates are expected to go to 52 polls in four districts.