Bayık: Withdrawal depends on process development

ANF – Behdinan 03.02.2014 – KCK (Kurdistan Communities Union) Executive Council co-president Cemil Bayık spoke to journalist Ruşen Çakır of Vatan daily about the resolution process, Kurdish national congress and Rojava.

Asked about the possibility of Kurdish movement’s restarting a process of withdrawal from North Kurdistan, Bayık said this depended on developments in the process, reminding of Kurdish movement’s former statement that the guerillas would turn back to North Kurdistan unless negotiations and a political solution is achieved.

“The Turkish state shouldn’t play gams with our leader, movement and people, nor give a negative answer to our efforts for a solution”, he emphasized.

Bayık said the AKP government’s failure to answer the Kurdish movement would mean a negative reply to them, and underlined that the resolution process can make no headway with one-sided steps of Kurds. Bayık also criticized the government for failing to create a public opinion for a democratic and peaceful solution to the Kurdish question, to pay regard to Wise People Commission reports that reveal the public demand for a permanent solution, and to improve the conditions of Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan so that he can prepare the grounds for a solution.

“Now that the public also wants a solution, who is it that doesn’t? It is the AKP government, and Erdoğan himself. Who but him is preventing the achievement of a solution? Of course there are also some international powers that do not want Kurdish question’s resolution which goes contrary to their interests”, Bayık underlined.

Also commenting on the Kurdish National Congress, Bayık said the realization of the Congress currently depended on the resolution of the problems in Rojava, pointing out that the congress cannot take place amidst attempts to defeat the Rojava revolution and agreements among a number of powers. “They should respect the Rojava revolution, and the resistance and the will revealed there instead of splitting the region. Those attending the Geneva II, imposing embargo and being involved in attacks against Rojava cannot organize a national congress which is aimed at ending the problems among Kurds”, Bayık said. KCK Executive Council co-president stressed that the KDP’s (Kurdistan Democrat Party) policies were coordinated with Ankara and regional policies, adding that the KDP’s policies were shaped by its economic interests and economic agreements, that worth billions, with the AKP, including those on oil, gas, associated companies and illegal sale of oil.