Baghdad Supporting PKK to Implement Its Agenda in Kurdistan Region / PKK enrolls people near Sinjar to secure Hashd al-Shaabi’s participation in Mosul operation


Hemin Salih – 1 March 2016 – BasNews – Baghdad and PKK cooperating to secure central governments agenda in Northern Iraq Baghdad and PKK cooperating to secure central government’s agenda in… Supplied

ERBIL — The Iraqi government is allegedly attempting to include the Shi’ite militia Hashd al-Shaabi in the the Mosul operation in hopes of facing the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) with continues challenges after the liberation of Mosul.

As the central government in Baghdad is insisting on Hashd al-Shaabi’s engagement in an anticipated operation to liberate Mosul, concerns are raising about their participation to spark another sectarian conflict in the area. There are also reports claiming that the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) is receiving support form Baghdad to implement Iraqi central government’s agenda during the operation.A source claimed to BasNews that the Shi’ite-led government in Baghdad is now planning to increase the number of PKK guerrillas and their affiliated forces in Sinjar and other areas near Mosul, hoping to secure the implementation of their agenda in the post-IS phase in Northern Iraq.

Member of the Iraqi Parliamentary Committee for Defence and Security Affairs, Shakhawan Abdullah, told BasNews that Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) has made it clear to Baghdad that no forces other than the Iraq’s official army is allowed to enter the Kurdistan Region in preparations for the Mosul operation.

The Iraqi government has previously deployed over 4,000 troops to the Makhmour frontline near Erbil. However, the Shi’ite militia’s participation is still controversial as the Iraqi PM Haider al-Abadi recently reiterated that they will take part in the mission.

MP Abdullah insists that not only the Kurds, but also the local Sunni Arabs in Nineveh province are against Hashd al-Shaabi’s participation “as they are believed to be hoping to follow a specific agenda in the area.” He explained that PKK and other forces in Sinjar, which are supported by the Iraqi government, are not capable of posing any military threat to the Peshmerga and Kurdistan Region in general; “but they may create obstacles in the path of an expected referendum on Kurdish independence. The Kurdish MP revealed that there are nearly 500 armed men enrolled by PKK near Sinjar, receiving salaries and other supports from the Iraqi government.