Al Nusra attacks YPG’s women fighters in Serekaniye

ANF – Serêkaniyê 16.07.2013 – Syria’s Al Nusra Front has launched an attack targeting a patrolling car of Women’s Defense Forces (YPJ) affiliated to People’s Defense Forces (YPG).

Clashes broke out after the attack in the neighborhood of Mehede in Serekaniye at around 11:30 local time.One YPG militant who was driving the patrolling car has been detained by the group.YPG fighters took strict measures in the area after the incident. The Front carried out another attack against a group of YPG fighters while negotiating with them over the release of the YPG militant detained.Clashes broke out as YPG responded to the attack and are still continuing in the area since early afternoon. No information has been received yet about casualties.