AFTERWARDS ! – We will talk to PKK after they lay down arms: Abdullah Gul

Ankara- 4.5.2013 – Kurdpress / MESOP – Turkey President Abdullah Gul announced on Friday that Ankara government is ready to sit at negotiation table with Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) if the party lays down its arms. It is the first time that a Turkey official speaks openly of talking to PKK about the party and the Kurdish issue in the country.

“There is a big difference between defending the rights of the Kurds and terroristic attempts. PKK terroristic attempts are not Kurds’ rightful demands. Do not forget that PKK does not represent all Turkey Kurds. We have always accepted in the recent years that there is a Kurdish problem and it should be ended. We will talk to PKK after they lay down their arms and end terroristic attempts. There is no problem in this regard,” Abdullah Gul told Kuwait’s al-Raey daily.

The Gul remarks come days after PKK announced it will withdraw its forces from Turkey and would end its three-decade-long war with Ankara for more rights for the Kurds. Gul further expressed his country’s worry about recent developments in Iraq and warned of a religious war in the country. “It’s not easy to guess or make a date about the fall Syria government after the last two years conflict and the death of thousands of Syrian citizens.” Gul said about the civil war in Turkey southern neighbor.