After defeating ISIS in Syria, will the U.S. take its guns back? U.S. Military Weapons Are Being Used by Kurdish Militants to Fight ISIS


By Tom O’Connor On 6/23/17  – Newsweek – Defense Secretary James Mattis has reassured his Turkish counterpart that the U.S. would reclaim weapons supplied to Kurdish militants after defeating the Islamic State militant group (ISIS) in its de facto capital of Raqqa in Syria, according to Turkey’s defense ministry.

In a letter received last week, Turkish defense ministry officials quoted Mattis as saying the U.S. was in a “forced cooperation” with Kurdish militant groups, such as the People’s Protection Units (YPG), in order to defeat ISIS, Hurriyet Daily News reported Wednesday.

While the U.S. has yet to comment on the correspondence, it would be the strongest commitment yet Mattis has made toward distancing the U.S. from Kurdish militant groups that comprise the Syrian Democratic Forces, a majority-Kurd coalition of Arabs and ethnic minorities fighting ISIS. Turkey opposes the coalition over its affiliation to the YPG, which Turkey accuses of harboring links to Kurdish nationalists at home.