WADI GERMANY : Assistance for Syrian refugees in Northern Iraq / READ & DONATE !

As part of Hana network in Iraqi Kurdistan, Wadi today helped to distribute stationary and other material to children in Arbat camp for Syrian refugees.

Hana holding a press conference criticised UNICEF and the Kurdistan Regional Government for not finalising site for a new camp in time. Now refugees have to spend winter in tents without functioning sanitary facilities.  More than 350 families of Syrian Kurdish refugees are living in Arbat camp near Suleymaniah. Today a group from HANA network, a group of different NGO’s, Wadi is also an active part, visited the camp again and supplied the children with stationary and other materials.

Additionally HANA held a press conference on the site the camp should have shifted too already before winter. UNICEF and the Kurdistan Regional Government have promised long ago that the refugees would shift before winter into this new camp with better facilities and a functioning sanitary system. In the old camp, where people have to live in tents, water supply is bad and no facilities exist except of some school classes in tents. During the upcoming rain season living in tents in a muddy environment will be almost impossible.

Therefore Hana today strongly criticized the slow progress and delay and urged both the local authorities as well as the UN agencies to speed up the work in the new camp.

WADI supports various activities for children in this camp. You can help them with your donation.