Activities on Ground in Western Kurdistan

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The one hundred thousand pool had ended with a mass demonstration

Youth Movements organized a demonstration withparticipation of tens of thousands members of Kurdistanian parties including local coordination authorities, youth movements , popular councils ,associations and institutions in Qamishli City. The demonstration was held under the slogans of the“Friday of the people’s protection units (YPG), “theSupreme Kurdish authority represents us” and”Long live the brotherhood of peoples”

Kurdish women were in the front rows in the marches; leaders of the Kurdish parties and movements following them.

Border  between western and southern Kurdistan is still closed and the peshmerga has arrested a number of citizens:

The border between western and southern Kurdistan remain closed

Citizens of Western Kurdistan revealed to reporters of Firat News Agency (ANF) that peshmerga forces had arrested a number of citizens of Western Kurdistan who were trying to trying to get to Southern Kurdistan in order to obtain food for their families and oil to keep their homes warm. For a long period now citizens of Western Kurdistan have suffered from the blockade imposed on them by the Syrian regime, the Free Syrian army, the Turkish government and now the regional government (KRG) in Southern Kurdistan

First the Kurdistan Regional Government put up barbed wire on its border now the Turkey is digging trenches

Turkish military forces have begun digging trenches between their Northern border and Western Kurdistan. According to reporters it is that the Turkish troops digging trenches on their border is coinciding with the KRG authorities decision to extend barbed wire fences along their border to South Kurdistan. The barbed wire runs from the village of “Tawoose” to the waters of the Tigris.

In effect this closes every door betweenSouthern and Western Kurdistan.

These actions come after several meetings have been held in Hewler (Erbil) between Turkey and the Free Syrian army under the auspices of the Kurdistan Regional Government  and is aimed at undermining the security and stability in Western Kurdistan.

After placing barbed wire ..  Peshmerga forces gather more people on the border to western Kurdistan

      Peshmerga forces  are beginnig to bring more heavily armed patrols to the border to Western Kurdistan with the aim of preventing  the entry of citizens from western Kurdistan to Southern Kurdistan.  The Kurdistan Regional Government of Southern Kurdistan has on several occasions confirmed to senior representatives of the Kurdish High Commision of Western Kurdistan that it would open its border but so far they have not fulfilled their promises.

    The people of Western Kurdistan has appealed to the KRG to open their border for trade purposes while at the same time stressing that they do not seek help or aid but simply ask the KRG to open the border so that they may buy food, oil and other essentials from Southern Kurdistan. The embargo is a harsh blow to the people of Western Kurdistan, the conflict inside Syria has meant that food supplies are scarce since they cannot  get the essential needs from the capital or from the industrial cities in Syria.

Permanent Council resolutions in PCWK concerning women received wide acclaim in the community

       During its third meeting in 28 -29 -12-2012 in Amouda, The Permanent Council of the Board of the people of Western Kurdistan adopted several resolutions aimed at building a democratic society based on moral equality between peoples, perhaps the most important decisions that were taken during the meetings was those related to women rights. Some examples regarding this was the decision of “preventing the marriage of girls under eighteen, preventing multiple marriages, the abolition of the dowry as a financial value for the acquisition of women. And the right for women/girls up to 15 years old to be able to have custody of their children.

Health Council in Afrin Opens Hospital Evren and provide it with modern equipment

       The Health Council in the city of Afrin, with the help of citizens has opened Evren hospital and it has been provided all necessary equipments.According to the health council the hospital is opened in an attempt to maintain the safety and security of citizens.The goal of the establishment of this hospital is receiving emergency cases and sick people without having to go to the city of Aleppo. Many people in need of medical treatment were killed on the way from Afrin to Aleppo as a result of the armed conflict between the  free Syrian army and the regular army of Syria.

Health Committee in Tirbespye serves patients for free in the People’s House


        To alleviate the suffering of the citizens and to help them within the available means .The doctors Commission in Tirbespye examine patients and prescribe medicine for free in the House of the people in the city of Tirbespiye. All peoples of Tirbespye can go and receive their services, Assyrians, Arabs and Kurds alike.

The national Kurdish student Union holds a course in nursing in the area of Janderes

       The national Kurdish students Union announced  the opening of nursing courses, the first course started last Saturday  in the presence of dozens of students, it begun by giving lessons on first aid, needle injection and blood pressure measurement.

Citizens follow events and news through Kobane FM

The opening of Kobane FM was a good decision taken by Kurdish people, because it allows them to follow the news and events by radio. This is especially useful as radioplayers run on batteries and it is not always possible to watch TV due to the constant power outages in the area , this leads to the loss of contact with other areas Western Kurdistan as well as the world .

Revolutionary Youth Movement organized a football tournament in Aleppo

       The Revolutionary Youth Movement in Aleppo organized a football tournament for juniors in the framework of the playoffs sectors in the neighborhood of Sheikh meqsud  and Achrafieh to form a comprehensive team.      The Revolutionary Youth Movement plan has many sports programs on its agenda, including football which aims to encourage young people and give them the motivation to create the conditions for a more optimistic view in everyday life.


Info. and Relations Centre Of Democratic Union Party (PYD)

Please find the Briefing News and Activities in West Kurdistan and Syria

Activities on Ground in Western Kurdistan

Christian Brothers celebrations of New Year’s Eve was limited to religious ceremonies only…

Christmas, the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, and New Year’s Eve has arrived once again for our Christian Brothers inWestern Kurdistan and throughout Syria. This year it comes under a time when people are living under terrible circumstances in Western Kurdistan and Syria, there is a siege imposed upon us by all parties.Due to the harsh conditions currently experienced by the people of Syria, and the blockade imposed on Western Kurdistan, a dire economic situation has arisen. There is shortage of medicines,baby milk, bread, diesel, gasoline and so on. Because of the current situation and the hardship our people are facing there were no celebrations, there were no fireworks or people in the streets to welcome the coming of the New Year.

Kurdish Women And The New Year – 2012 was a yearmarked by struggle and sacrifices.

It has been an eventful year and the developments that were initiated at the beginning of the year are starting to reveal themselves to Kurdish people in Western Kurdistan.  There has been significant progress on the level of organization of Kurdish women. Awareness has been raised thanks to educational- and women rehabilitation centers which have been organized by theFederation STAR, these centers have been inaugurated in all cities and Kurdish areas, informing women of their rights to be able to have an active role in community leadership and for the revolution to guarantee the legitimate rights of the Kurdish people.

Women in the cities confirmed that they as women have partaken in the struggle in a considerable way during 2012 and they have made great efforts for the development of the struggle of Kurdish women, doing everything they can to move forward and achieve their goals of freedom. In 2013 women will invest all of their energy to continue the struggle and resistance to guarantee the legitimate rights of the Kurdish people and to make sure that victory will be ours.

Kurdish – Arab brotherhood Council in Afrin: Howcan the Kurdistan Regional Government closes theborder in our peoples’ face..

The closing of the border in the face of the Kurdish people in western Kurdistan by the Government of Southern Kurdistan(KRG) coincided with the blockade imposed by the Baathist government and the armed opposition in Syria on western Kurdistan, this has created a shortage of food, petroleum, and electricity, without which people cannot go on about their daily life. As a result to this The Kurdish – Arab Brotherhood Council issued a statement to the press about the closure of the border between the West and the South Kurdistan by the Kurdistan Regional Government.

The statement “on behalf of The Kurdish – Arab BrotherhoodCouncil in Afrin protest the closure of the border and call the Kurdistan Regional Government to open it as soon as possible, we the people are struggling in a revolution to recover our dignity, we do not want subsidies, relief or assistance fromanybody, we demand our legitimate rights. How does the regional government of Kurdistan impose this border closure in our faceduring this difficult period that our people is undergoing in the Western regions of Kurdistan?

It was an appeal directed to all relevant persons and we wished to stress, that there are no gains of power or anything else in theexploitation of the situation. We are the people and we rely on ourselves, we do not want anything but the legitimate right for us actively participate in the economic market through trade.

The statement mentioned “Now we are going through a stifling economic crisis that the Baathist government and the armed opposition groups are held responsible for. We see that the closure of the border in the region of Derek between western Kurdistan and Southern Kurdistan is wrong and we criticize it strongly because it cuts all our needs of medical supplies and foodstuffs such as milk, sugar and other essential supplies. The situation for the Kurdish people in western Kurdistan continue to deteriorate, especially in economic terms. It is the responsibility of the Kurdish people in South Kurdistan and its government to provide assistance in all respects to their brothers in Western Kurdistan and to open the border. We who welcomed and offered them help in all respects, both morally, material wise and even humanitarian during their war against the Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein when he attacked Southern Kurdistan.

The Residents of Sere Kaniye are blaming the Kurdistan Regional Government for the suffering that they are experiencing due to the closure of theboarders

The people of the city Sere Kaniye are in a difficult situation withno electrical power, gas being scarce and poor living conditions. Due to these circumstances they suffer great difficulties in securing the necessities of life. They stress the active role of the People’s Council of the City of Sere Kaniye to provide them withthe necessary materials available within their possible power.They are largely blaming the deteriorating living conditions on the South Kurdistan Regional Government and its decision to close its border to Western Kurdistan.

The closing of the border has meant that there is a general lack of  food, medicine and other necessities in Western Kurdistan. It is only when you can provide food, medicine and other necessities of life in the western Kurdistan that the people can realize their goals as citizens Sere Kaniye is a city that is perhaps affected the worst by the blockade.

Fuel vendors on the pavements assert that the FreeSyrian Army is the reason for the high cost of fuel

It was made clear by fuel vendors scattered on the pavements in the city of Derbassiye that the Free Syrian Army is behind the non-arrival of fuel to the western regions of Kurdistan, they are preventing all fuel trucks to enter the regions of Western Kurdistan, instead they confiscate them. The Free Syrian Army is selling fuel at high prices on the black market, people are forced to buy gasoline from the Free Syrian Army to price of 240 Syrian pounds per liter.  This makes it considerably more expensive than the normal price 190 Syrian pounds per liter.

The Peoples Protection Units discovered a depot of diesel fuel in the Derik region and could only then deliver diesel to committees that responsible of distributing this to all furnaces and bakeries in the area. The distribution was made by the Service Commision of the Peoples Council and it was distributed among all peoples equally and without discriminating among; Kurds, Arabs and Christians. The crisis has affected all people of Syria and everyone will be helped.

Forestry Commission distributed firewood to Kurds in Afrin

As a result of the difficult living conditions experienced by the Kurdish areas under the siege by the Baathist regime and armed opposition groups that belongs to the free army, preventing the arrival of food and fuel to the Kurdish areas in the west of Kurdistan, and also the closure of the boarder by Kurdistan Regional Government with western Kurdistan and as a result ofthe winter period that is known to be very severe in Afrin. The Forestry and enviroment Commission in parts of Janderese and Shara area of Afrin distributed firewood to the citizens at nominal prices to eliminate the phenomenon of indiscriminate cutting of forests in the region. A delegation from the Kurdish Supreme Council visited the village “Jaman” in the area of Shara and met citizens and looked at their living conditions closely, assessed the situation and in turn thanked the Forestry Commission, which supervises the process of pruning the trees and distributing it tothe Kurds.

Culture and arts center in the village of Halenj is a reference for children to learn of the Kurdish heritage

Within the activities undertaken by the Foundation for Culture and Art in the Kubani area, a centre of culture and art in the village Halnj has been opened which belongs to the city, itincludes all artistic activities such as singing, dancing and playingmusical instruments.  These musical instruments include theAude, violin, etc., the center has been very popular and parents and people of all age groups has showcased their talents.

Regional Government of Kurdistan is working on the fragmentation of Kurdistan, as it has extended barbed wire between the south and west of Kurdistan

Peshmerga forces are extending wire along the border between South and West Kurdistan, starting from the village of Al Waleed “Tause ” to the waters of the Tigris river.  This is to close every port point between southern and western Kurdistan

The Kurdish media sites linked to the Kurdistan Democratic Party have fabricated news that has been circulating around that the Kurdistan Regional Government has opened the borders of the south of Kurdistan and western Kurdistan. This is the first time in Kurdish history that a Kurdish authority is dividing the territory of Kurdistan by putting barbed wire cross it. Despite the bad relations between the Syrian Baathist regime and the Iraqi Baathist, they did not put any kind of barbed wire on that border.

Qamishlo…National Security “police” carries on with the protection of the city’s markets

Enforcing democratic self-governing system, day after day we see the formation of more unions and institutions that manage the citizen issues and society in general.

As a result of the deteriorating security situation in Syria and western Kurdistan, the formation of several forces organized to protect the peoples in western Kurdistan from attacks from outside on one hand and on the other hand to control the security inside towns and villages, these police forces operate under the Kurdish Supreme Council which is guaranteeing the safety and security of citizens. The forces are also responsible for protection and civil security, safety on the markets and shoppers in the city, along with traffic patrols to regulate the flow of vehicle entries as well as the rapid intervention in the event of any emergency or any exposed robbery or looting of the shops banks and companies.

Despite the Siege.. The Kurds are inventing new machines from the intent time to continue in the life

As result of the siege imposed on the Kurdish region from all sides, the Kurdish people’s and the rest of the peoples situation inWestern Kurdistan is getting worse as the electricity is in the city is on and off , fuel is not available and ration of materials and telecommunications and mobile phone networks and Internet networks are not available.The citizens started replacing electricity bulbs with kerosene lanterns and candles and replaced diesel heaters and conditioners on gas with heaters that are working on firewood replaced devices to prepare the cooking devices that used to run on gas to “dried animal dung” and gasoline cooker. Instead of standing in queues for bread in front of furnaces or bakeries for dozens of hours in total darkness in the bitter cold they began to make a tandoor oven for every House to make the bread, and replacing cars withbicycles.

These are old equipment and probably unsafe to use but useful in this current difficult times and are available in the city of Qamishlo markets and all over western Kurdistan area. These aresold at lower prices instead of the usual ones or as an exchange of the other equipment that they had.

Qamishlo markets are witnessing the birth of these small factories that are manufacturing these machines.

The People’s Councils, unisons and organizations of thedemocratic society movement which are working tirelessly in order to provide what can be secured and provided for the Kurdish people and all peoples of western Kurdistan.

The formation of the Teachers Federation in Gerke Lege town and in the surrounding villages of Alia region.

At the People’s Council’s house in Gerke Lage, a lengthy meeting was held by the teachers’ union, in order to form a union for teachers particularly in Gerke Lage and surrounding villages of Alia region. After expanding their duties in the region, there was call for the need to form a Special Union under the authority of the General Union of the Teachers in western Kurdistan, where dozens of practical teachers and teachers of the Kurdish language attended the meeting.

The Police forces arrest a gang of robbers that were trying to rob commercial warehouses in Aleppo

Police forces arrested a number of members of a gang of 16 people in Alshqief neighborhood of Aleppo stealing from shops in the area. Those groups were arrested after a few days of monitoring the complex, which included a number of auto parts exchange stores in the Alshqief area, Police forces managed to arrest six people from a gang of 16 people, including children, while trying to steal from one of the warehouses. During the investigation done by the Police with gang members it appeared that the volume of the loot that was stolen was estimatedto be around one million and a half Syrian Pounds.

The police forces confiscated the goods that were stolen and the investigation is still ongoing to arrest all the wanted people.