Activists fear an imminent genocide in Herak

Syrian Revolution News Round- up / Day 528  – Regime forces continued their massive military offensive on the Daraa suburb of Herak using heavy artillery, military tanks and helicopter gunships, prompting mass exodus from the town, while thousands of civilians who remain trapped amid shortage in food and medicine supplies fear imminent massacres.

After a fierce shelling that targeted the Damascus suburb of Daraya, hundreds of troops backed by military tanks and helicopter gunships raided the town and killed more than 45 civilians and injured many more. They also murdered dozens of civilians in the neighbourhoods of Kafarsouseh and Barzeh while kidnaping many others to demand a ransom from their families.

Heavy artillery deployed on top of Qasyoun Mountain along with helicopter gunships shelled the southern areas of the capital as well as its provincial towns of Zabadani, Zamalka, Artouz, al-Tal, Ein Tarma and Moadamiya. Meanwhile, heavy clashes broke out between the rebels and regime forces in the central square of Abasyeen and the neighbourhoods of Kafarsouseh, Motahaleq Janoubi, Qadam, Asali and Nahar Aisha.

Heavy clashes resumed in the city of Aleppo between rebel fighters and regime forces whose MIG fighter jets and artillery bombarded the neighbourhoods of Sakhour, Saladin, Karm Afandi, Shaboura, Sha’ar, Itha’aa, Saif Adola, Intharat and Haydariya as well as the provincial towns of Daret Ezza, Abzemo, Tal Daman, Atareb and Indan.

Regime forces continued to pound the neighbourhood of Deir Baalba in the city Homs and its provincial towns of Rastan, Tal Kalakh, Talbiseh and Ghanto. Regime forces resumed the shelling of the Hama suburbs of Karnaz and Madiq Fortress. They also shelled the city of Deir Azzour and its provincial towns of Boukamal Shometiyat, Khareita and Quriya leaving scores of people dead and many wounded. They also shelled the Idlib suburbs of Sarmin, Ariha and Jabal Zawiya as well as the villages of Babna and Jankeil in the suburbs of Latakia while carrying out sweeps and destroying dozens of houses and commercial establishments in the neighbourhood of Ramel Janoubi in the city of Latakia.

Cooking gas prices in Syria skyrocketed to reach more than US$ 21.5 per cylinder, which is seven times more than its original price before the start of the revolution against Assad regime. This is due in part to the oil sanctions imposed on the Syrian regime and excessive military spending by the Assad regime.