Russia’s New Human Rights Ombudsman Is Former Police General
The New York Times. 23 April 2016  –




#Refugees waiting for #Merkel, Tusk, Timmermans& #Davutoglu to arrive at #Nizip camp.

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So it seems #Syria’s opposition should have given #Assad more time to reform in 2011 – as I’m sure he would have…

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“How The New Yorker Mis-Reports Syria,” by Jonathan Marshall  …


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Russian Military Buildup Near Aleppo, Syria, Threatens Truce, Kerry Warns


Great work by @ajaltamimi on #ISIS “Remaining & Contracting” – “A Caliphate Under Strain” …


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Come to @UticaRisk‘s Inside Iraqi Politics for the detail & insight; stay for the allegations of screwdriver murder

@PatrickOsgood @UticaRisk I like that Jubouri refers to himself in the third person. Very Caesarian 🙂

Kirk H. Sowell ‏@UticaRisk 37m37 minutes ago  – @Alex_de_M @PatrickOsgood This is only truly a problem if you happen to be on the sharp end of the screwdriver. Otherwise it’s just theater.



Rebel defeat in northern Syria cripples Turkey’s plans –  RAGIP SOYLU@ragipsoylu

April 22, 2016 – It is no longer a secret that when President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan had his series of meetings with top American officials in Washington last month, he had a specific plan to kick DAESH out from northern Syria. Erdoğan tried to convince the American leadership to give another shot to Syrian Arab groups near Azaz and asked for intensified American logistics support and air cover for their offensives along the Turkish border. That was not a surprise because General Joseph Dunford, chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter were already publicly signaling a revival of the train-and-equip program for Turkey-backed Syrian groups. These groups would receive military training, including how to call in airstrikes on the enemy. Read all


MESOP “NETANYAHU WISHING” : Israel backs ‘urgent’ Kurdish statehood, top Israeli official says

By Rudaw 23 Aril 2016 – HAIFA, Israel – A senior Israeli official reiterated Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s earlier support for the establishment of a Kurdish state in coordination with regional powers, the United Nations and the US.

Speaking to Rudaw in the Israeli city of Haifa on Friday, the Deputy Minister of Regional Cooperation Ayub Kara said that he already had meetings in Paris about the Kurdish issue and the regional developments. “When I visited France, I told them it was not logical that 40 million Kurds were without a country while you (the West) looked for other people who are only two or three million and tried to set up a state for them,” he added, seemingly referring to the Palestinian efforts for statehood.“ Read all



MESOP Syria Daily: Deadly Russian-Regime Bombing of Aleppo on Friday

by Scott Lucas 23 April  2016 – In a surge of bombing on Friday, Russian and regime warplanes bombed opposition-held areas of Aleppo, Syria’s largest city, killing at least 18 people and wounding more than 40.Attacks on Aleppo, where thousands of people have been killed by airstrikes in the past year, had diminished since a February 27 cessation of hostilities. Russia, which began strikes on September 30, had halted their operations. Read all


MESOP ANALYSIS : U.S.: No decision yet to support Kurds to close ISIS-held Manbij pocket

April 23, 2016 ARA NEWS  –  YPG –     QAMISHLO – U.S.-led coalition against the Islamic State (ISIS) hasn’t made any decision to support the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) to take the city of Manbij, a coalition spokesperson said. The SDF forces seized the Tisreen dam on December 25, 2015, and also reached the ISIS boundaries near the Marea line. Moreover, the SDF-forces set up a Manbij city council and military council, for capturing the key city in northern Syria.  Read all :


MESOP LATEST ON QAMISHLI : NDF, Assyrian Forces Seize Qamishli Corniche in Kurdish District

By Leith Fadel – –2016-04-23 07:24 GMT

The Arab tribes from the National Defense Forces (NDF) and the Gozarto Protection Forces (GPF) reportedly imposed full control over the Qamishli Corniche on Friday morning after a night filled with intense firefights.

According to local sources, the NDF and GPF counter-assault was concentrated on securing the government-controlled districts, while also forcing the Asayish (Kurdish police) to stop targeting the Qamishli Security Box.

All claims of the Asayish and People’s Protection Units (YPG) seizing the Qamishli Military Airport have been denied as well. Currently, delegates from the Syrian government and YPG are meeting at the Qamishli Military Airport in order to end the violence. The YPG originally demanded that all government forces leave the city; however, this was rejected by the government delegation.Based on the latest reports from Qamishli, both sides have come to a mutual agreement to end the violence.


MESOP BACKGROUNDER : ON PUTIN’S PAY ROLL – Syrian Opposition –  Moscow Employing Hameem’s Group to Foil Peace Talks

THAER ABBAS – Geneva – ASHARQ AL AWSAT – 23 April 2016 – Beirut- Syrian Opposition sources revealed that Moscow is underway on preparing for an initiative, seen with U.N. sponsorship, for merging all Syrian Opposition delegations participating in the ongoing Geneva peace talks…

The merger proposed would have the Riyadh-based Higher Negotiations Committee (HNC) become a minority in an opposition representative delegation comprising 15 members. Sources highlight that the Russian proposal aims at foiling the peace talks.Sources told Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper that the Hameem’s opposition delegation, the group playing a factor in the Russian proposal, has moved for Moscow boarding a Russian foreign ministry aircraft. Read more :


MESOP TODAYS “FUNNY STORY”:  Iranian Minister — Assad Refused Our Offer of Asylum (QASSEM SOLEIMANI)

Iranian Minister of Intelligence Mahmoud Alavi has reportedly claimed that Syria’s President Assad refused an offer of asylum for him and his family in the Islamic Republic. Lebanon’s pro-Assad outlet Al-Mayadeen said that Assad would have been allowed to continue the fight against Syria’s rebels from his exile in Tehran. However, according to Alavi, Assad said “his family was like any other Syrian family” and would remain in Damascus. –  The Minister said the offer was made by General Qassem Soleimani, the head of the elite Quds Force of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards. Soleimani was organizing forces inside Syria until he was injured near Aleppo last November.  Read all



MESOP : Refugee policy & blackmail with refugees – the main productivity of our unproductive times

Kurdish HDP leader says millions of Turks could head for Europe if war continues

ISTANBUL,— nrttv – 23 April 2016 Millions of Turkish citizens will leave their country for Europe if Ankara continues its war against Kurds in the country, People’s Democratic Party (HDP) co-Chair Selahattin Demirtas warns. – In an interview with German outlet Der Spiegel, Demirtas said military operations against mainly Kurdish cities and towns have mainly targeted civilians who Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan suspects of supporting the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK).



MESOP TODAYS FOCUS : Obama &  Iran – Who’s going to get the last laugh? /  Iran’s fabricated polls in America, and gullible Obama

The naivety of Barack Obama over Iran is driven by breathtaking gullibility. Fabricated opinion polls about the views of ordinary Iranians are taken at face value. The end of this administration can’t come soon enough

By Potkin Azarmehr –  23 April 2016 – THE COMMENTATOR US –  Potkin Azarmehr left Iran for the UK after the “Cultural Revolution”. He is currently a contributor to several newspapers and Television stations on Iran related news and also writes and produces a number of TV programs: –

One thing that many Americans find hard to understand is what it is like to live under a dictatorship. Why would they know? After all, America has always been a democracy, since its inception. They have no experience of living in a dictatorship.If you conduct a poll in America for example, most people will give straight answers reflecting what they really think about an issue. They have no reason to fear the consequences of their opinion and don’t have to look over their shoulder for expressing their views.Call someone on the telephone out of the blue, in a country like Iran however, and say to them you are conducting an opinion poll, and ask them a question like, ‘Are you in favour of your government’s nuclear program?’, the respondent will either have a heart attack from fear there and then or, if they care for their own well being, as most people do, answer . “’Yes, of course I do!”. Read all


MESOP FLASH : France Sets May 30 Date for Mideast Peace Conference  via @jdforward

France Sets May 30 Date for Mideast Peace Conference

23 April 2016 – REUTERS  – France will hold an international conference in Paris on May 30 in a bid relaunch talks between Palestinians and Israelis by the end of the year, its foreign minister said in remarks published on Thursday. With U.S. efforts to broker a two-state accord in tatters since April 2014 and Washington focused on a November presidential election, Paris has lobbied countries to commit to a conference before then that would set out a framework to get Israelis and Palestinians back into negotiations. Read more



#Gaziantep is decorated with billboards of #Merkel who will visit this #Syria-n refugee camp today. #EU#Turkey deal



Dresdner Sinfoniker – Türkei interveniert gegen Konzert

Die Dresdner Sinfoniker widmen ihr Konzertprojekt „Aghet“ dem Genozid an den Armeniern vor hundert Jahren. Nun fordert die Türkei, die Produktion nicht weiter zu fördern – und hat bereits einen Teilsieg errungen.  23.04.2016 FAZ  –  Steht hinter seinem Projekt: Der Intendant der Dresdner Sinfoniker Markus Rindt. Die Türkei macht auf europäischer Ebene Druck gegen das Konzertprojekt „Aghet“ der Dresdner Sinfoniker zum Genozid an den Armeniern vor hundert Jahren.  Volltext