MESOP WEST KURDISTAN / SYRIA TODAY : Burak El-Firat Promises To Liberate Jarabulus Amid Call For A Common Struggle

12 March 2015 – Rojava Report – The YPG has released a new statement on its operations in Til Hemis and Til Berak in which it underlines the role played by the united struggle of the Kurdish, Arab, Syrian and Assyrian peoples in the struggle – says a new article in Özgür Gündem. Burkan El Firat has also released a statement in which it declares its intention to the liberate the people of Jarabulus, Minbic, Bab and Sirin from the rule of ISIS.

In a written statement from the YPG General Command it was announced that the operation launched in the Cizîrê Canton on February 21st to liberate the towns of Til Hemis and Til Berak and the surrounding rural areas had been successfully completed as planned. It went on to speak of how ISIS had suffered a major defeat in the operation and to describe how the Kurdish, Arab, Syrian and Assyrian peoples stood shoulder to shoulder in the fight. Noting how the “YPG had once more shown itself as the defence force of the entire region” it added that the success of the push pointed toward a peace based in a common and equal life for all peoples of the region.

The statement also drew attention to the sacrifices of those fighters who had lost their lives in the course of the operation, reading: “the mosaic of peoples taking part in this common struggle under the leadership of the YPG has once again been clearly demonstrated. Australian Bagok Serhed (Ashley Kent Johnston), the Englishman of Greek Origin Kemal (Konstandinos Erik Scurfield), our Arab commander Baran Amara (Udey El Ubeyd) who for a long time had fought within the ranks of the YPG and whose entire family had been killed by ISIS, Dawid Cindo Anter, one of the commanders of our Assyrian forces who helped lead the operation in Til Temir, and the German of African origin Avaşin Tekoşin Güneş (Ivanna Hoffman) will live as vanguard commanders in the struggle of our peoples.” The statement concluded saying “we believe that the road being taken by the YPG is the bright road of Democratic Syrian Revolution.”

Burkan El-Firat Pledges Liberation To The People

The joint forces of the BUrkan El-Firat – formed from the YPG/YPJ, Siwar El-Reqqa, Fecr El-Huriyê, Şems el-Şemal and the El-Ekrad Front – has released a statement in which it calls on people to return to the Kobanê Canton and join in efforts to liberate surrounding areas. The statement said that the Burkan El-Firat would liberate the towns of Jarabulus Minbic, Bab and Sirîn just as it had liberated Kobanê, reading: “We pledge to the people of Jarabulus Minbic, Bab and Sirîn that with the gains we have made as a result of the Kobanê resistance we will continue in our push until the above mentioned places are also liberated.”The statement also called on local peoples to support in its efforts to drive ISIS from all areas along the Euphrates (Firat) river from which its different parts originate, including Raqqa and Girê Spî (Til Ebyad) as well, reading “we call upon all of those living in the town of Şêxler and Kobanê and everyone who did not take part in earlier operations to immediately join the Burkan El-Firat.”