Murat Karayilan : Kurdish nation will strike Turkey if it intervenes in Syrian Kurdistan

 28.7.2012 -  MESOP / HAWLATI – QANDIL MOUNTAINS -  The entire Kurdish people will confront Turkey if it intervenes in the Western Kurdistan (northern Syrian) internal affairs, said the acting the acting commander of the Turkey’s Kurdistan Workers’ Party PKK and the leader of the Union of Communities in Kurdistan (KCK).

Murat Karayilan’s remark to the Kurdish Hawlati newspaper came in response to the warning by Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan.Turkish PM waned if necessary Turkey will attack Syria to destroy the “terrorist” organizations of Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) and its related Democratic Union Party (PYD). In the face of any “crazy” move by the Justice and Development Party (AKP) of the Turkish PM for interfering in the determination of the Kurdish people in Western Kurdistan “the entire Kurdish nation will confront Turkey and will mobilize everywhere,” Karayilan said.

The leader of the PKK-related organization described Erdogan’s position as “chauvinist and strongly racist.”

Erdogan described the PKK and the PYD as “terrorist… whom we do not see as representative of the Kurdish demands….They are trying to exploit the situation for reaching their goals.”

He added Turkey will not allow for these two parties to control any parts in Syria. Currently Kurds have seized the control over some Kurdish cities in Syrian Kurdistan and are advancing to seize more.  Over 3 million Kurds live in Syrian Kurdistan (northern Syria), mainly in the north bordering Turkey (northern Kurdistan) and Iraqi Kurdistan region southern Kurdistan). The PKK has several times proposed peaceful solutions regarding Kurdish problem, Turkey has always refused saying that it will not negotiate with “terrorists”.