Kurdish Supreme Committee in Syria Holds First Meeting

27/07/2012 RUDAW –  By ADIB ABDULMAJID – AMSTERDAM, Netherlands – The Kurdish Supreme Committee in Syria held its first meeting this week in Qamishli. The recently founded committee unites the Kurdish National Council [KNC] and the Democratic Union Party [PYD] after both bodies signed an agreement on July 11 in Erbil.

The meeting discussed recent developments in the Kurdish areas. Following the withdrawal of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s forces from a number of Kurdish areas, several towns were declared liberated, including Kobane, Efrin, Amude and Derek. The KNC and PYD are sharing control of the liberated towns per the Erbil Agreement.  Ahmad Suleiman, member of the Kurdish Supreme Committee, said they discussed the mechanisms of implementing the Erbil Agreement. “All participants emphasized the importance of removing all the obstacles preventing the implementation of the agreement in order to respond to the aspirations of the Kurdish people and overcome their fears,” Suleiman said.

Participants at the Qamishli meeting agreed to recognize the Supreme Committee as the only legitimate reference for all activities of both the KNC and the PYD. The Supreme Committee will also regulate and organize the work of their armed wing, the People’s Protection Committees.

Members of the Supreme Committee decided that regular meetings will be held until bureaus are established and plans are implemented to move the Kurdish regions from the current stage to their future in Syria. Ismail Hame, another member of the Supreme Committee, confirmed that participants agreed on forming all the needed offices, including “service and security commissions, besides other necessary bureaus in the different Kurdish areas.”The meeting also called on Kurdish people in Syria to take to the street next Sunday to demonstrate under the banner “The Kurdish Supreme Committee Represents Us.” Hame told the network Dimoqrati, “We have to reinforce the Kurdish position in the Syrian pro-liberty movement, and we are looking to all Kurdish factions supporting the Supreme Committee in order to achieve the ambitions of our people and solve the Kurdish issue in Syria on a fair basis.”

Sinem Muhammad, a member of the Kurdish Supreme Committee, said that the Qamishli meeting could be considered a “historical step by the Kurdish political forces in Syrian Kurdistan.”

In a recorded message broadcast by activists after the meeting, Muhammad’s statement said that a unified political discourse and position in Syrian Kurdistan was the main goal of the committee.“The Kurdish people have the right to see their dream coming true,” Muhammad said in his message, adding that the unification would include all fields in society, including security, public services and diplomacy.  The Supreme Committee issued a statement emphasizing the importance of preserving peace through cooperation with the Arab and Christian minorities in the Kurdish areas.

The statement continued: “The demands for the legitimate rights of the Kurdish people in Syria do not represent any threat to the unity of Syria nor threaten other components of Syrian society who we consider our partners.”

The Supreme Committee also emphasized the peaceful methods of the Kurdish revolutionary movement in its statement, and cited the importance of organizing armed forces solely to avoid chaos and fill the security vacuum in order that the areas and its residents are protected.