7.5.2012 – enduring America - Speaking on a political TV programme, the co-chairman of the Peace and Democracy Party (BDP), Selahattin Demirtas called for an end to the ban on the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK). While underlining the importance of a unified Turkey, Demirtas asserted: “I am saying clearly that none of PKK members in mountains shall surrender. Until a solution found, they shall neither make an operation nor surrender.”

Responding to the BDP ‘s call on its deputies to use their bodies as human shields against the army’s operations, Prime Minister Erdogan criticised the opposition party as “‘conscienceless”: “They stand as human shields against soldiers, police officers. If you have that much consciousness, courage and willingness, why don’t you stand against the terror and terrorists?”

With the Prime Minister of the Kurdish Regional Government, Nechirvan Barzani, expected to visit Ankara soon, PKK’s leader Cemil Bayik put out two important messages. He said first that the PKK is not against the independence of Kurds in northern Iraq, but he stressed that Kurds would have greater advantages if they used their power in the process of democratisation. That is a polite message to Erbil that the dimensions of the Kurdish problem inside Turkey and the leadership’s priorities and solutions could be different.

Bayik then turnd his message to Ankara. He said that lifting the reservations to the European Charter of Local Self-Government and abolishing the obstacles to education in Kurdish are significant, while adding that there is no objection to the Turkish flag, to republican governance, to the capital, and to Turkish as the official language. All of that indicated that the PKK will heeds the new Constitution as a platform for negotiations.