U.S. Sets New Sanctions Against Technology for Syria and Iran

President Obama moved to tighten sanctions on Syria and Iran on Monday by taking aim at those who provide their authoritarian governments with technology to track down dissidents for abuse, torture or death.

Panetta dismisses Iran’s claim over drone
U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta yesterday dismissed claims by Iran that it had gleaned data from a downed U.S. drone and was now building a copy of the robotic spy craft.

Turkey keeps holding talks with Iran on natural gas price
Turkish energy minister said on Monday that Turkey kept holding talks with Iran for cheaper natural gas price.

Unplug Companies That Help Iran and Syria Spy on Citizens
The evidence forms a high stack. U.S., European and other companies are selling technologies that enable the repressive Iranian and Syrian regimes to disrupt and monitor the Internet and track down government critics, as documented in media reports, notably by Bloomberg News.