Memorandum of KURDS IN SYRIA

15-12-2010 – The International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination was adopted on 12.21.1965 by the General Assembly of the United Nations. States Parties undertake to work towards the elimination of all forms of racial discrimination and promote understanding among all races.


Ladies and gentlemen,

The reality of the Kurdish people in Syria (3 million), far away from objectives and tasks of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination and all other international conventions on human rights. Although the Syrian government has ratified the Convention on 21.4.1969, though the Kurds are discriminated against solid, marginalized, disadvantaged and excluded in all areas of life. The reason for this is the ideology of the ruling Baath Party is based on dogma and ideas of racial superiority, the Arabs (Arabism) against the Kurds and other minorities. The doctrine of the Baath Party is to provide a homogeneous and pure Arab society to establish the exclusion of other nationalities, or their assimilation into Syria. The thoughts and good teaching of Baath based on hatred, and ethnic discrimination. And that’s why she is the clear violations of fundamental human rights and jeopardizes the friendly relations between different ethnic groups in Syria. This fact is reflected as well in programs and proclamations of the Baath Party, as well as on farms of the officials in the administrative, cultural, social and economic life and in the legislation. The Kurds feel racism and discrimination in all aspects of life, skin tag and close daily. The Baathist government in Syria has signed a party undertakes to refrain from racial discriminatory acts, but she is leading an open policy of discrimination against the Kurdish people.

The following examples, the racial discrimination against the Baath party make clear:

1-Law Number 93 on 08/23/1962 Extraordinary census was conducted exclusively in the Kurdish area, and consequently, was then stamped 125 000 Kurds stateless, and currently their number has increased to 400,000.

2 -. According to the decision of the Baath Party No. 521 of 24.06.1974, Arab, 44 colonies in the Kurdish area built and 150,000 Kurdish families displaced.

3 – The Kurdish area is governed since 1969; a total economic blockade and therefore, 95% of Kurds in Kurdistan Armutsgrenze.180 villages are empty and 500,000 persons in the Kurdish area Algasira, Efrin and Cubans to leave.

4 – The Kurds are totally excluded from political, economic, social and cultural life of the country; you can not find a single high Kurdish official or officer. The Exclusion of three million Kurds is done on schedule and on racial grounds, well thought out and costed.

5 – There are in Damascus and other Syrian cities of various institutions for foreign languages, but for three million Kurds, one finds not a single Kurdish school or institution. The Kurdish language and culture are prohibited by law and punishable. The Kurdish culture and identity is ruined by deliberate racist actions of the Syrian government.

6 The mass murder genocide against Kurds, such as: in the town of Amuda 1960 (300 victims), Central City Prison Hasaka 1993 (73 victims), 13-14 March 2004 (47 victims), March 2009 (3 victims), March 2010 (2 victims), massacres of villages in the area of Cirnek Kamishli 13/12/1980 (22 victims), assassination of Sheikh Al-Maashuk Chaznawi June 2005.All these cases were never investigated because the police and security forces are immune to loud and Law No. 14 (25.01 1969).

7 Since the outbreak of the Kurdish uprising in 2004 and to date more than 44 Kurdish soldiers killed by bombings and torture. The official version of the Syrian government is: suicide, electric shock or injury. We investigated a single case by the army. This is more than one reason to believe that elimination of Kurdish soldiers in an ethnic cleansing takes action.

The 8-racist and discriminatory policies of the Syrian Baath Party government, which since 1963 has the power, devastating and extremely negative consequences for the Kurds: they live in atmosphere of hate, exclusion, fear, persecution, discrimination, insecurity and misery.

The Baath doctrine is dangerous not only for social peace and coexistence of Arabs Kurds in Syria, but for regional and international stability and peace. From retaining power reasons Syrian regime calls tensions, hatred and mistrust between ethnic and social groups in this Country.

We as non governmental and non profitable Kurdish organizations listed below asking your excellency:

Reaffirm our faith in human rights and fundamental freedoms which are enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations from 1945;

Recalling the Universal Declaration of Human Rights contained solemn declaration that all men are free in dignity and rights that created equal and for everyone, without distinction of kind, race, color. Furthermore, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is recognizing that all men are equal before the law and have a right to equal protection of the law against any discrimination and incitement to discrimination;

Recalling the 1966 UN Convention that adopted two International Covenants: Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights;

in the belief that the existence of racial barriers to the ideals of any human society is incompatible, and we focus our memorandum to NGOs to help us and support a resolution by the UN General Assembly to adopt and regard the Baath Party as a kind of racism and pleadings.

This resolution is a milestone on the way to avoid racial discrimination, exclusion, ethnic and religious conflicts in Syria.

As evidence of the discriminatory and racist policies of the Syrian government against the Kurdish people, we enclose the following documents:

1 study of Muhammad Talab Hilal, head of the security apparatus, “The province alhasake – a sociological, political and ethnic study, published in 1963.Die Syrian government has subsequently implemented most points of his plan;

2 – Banning the Kurdish language in Syria. No. / 932 / H, to the heads of the Local Authorities of the cities and towns;

3 – Closing down the Kurdish music store in Syria, Order no. 768 The major of Aleppo

4 – Giving order to shoot on civilian Kurds in Syria

5-top secret: Syrian Arab Republic district, Alhasake, executive committee Date Number 4 / 690: 12.03.2004, Dr. Salim Kabbul, Governor of District Alhasake

6 – A racist announcing from Syrians Minister of Interior of Year 2000

7 – Legislation Decree No. (49) The Syriaan President Bashar Aasad of Year 2008

yours faithfully

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